Metro May Consider Off-Peak Silver Line Station Shutdowns

by Karen Goff October 13, 2016 at 10:00 am 25 Comments

Metro SIlver Line Map/Credit: MetroMetro is considering closing some Silver Line stations during off-peak hours as part of a cost-cutting measure.

That is one option — along with increased bus and rail fares, layoffs for workers and cuts to bus routes — outlined in a report released Tuesday to prepare Metro board members for upcoming budget negotiations.

Metro is facing a $275 million budget shortfall, the report says. The formal budget report will be released in November and the 2017 budget will be adopted in the spring.

The reductions in off-peak service would save the rail system $15 million annually, the report says.

Affected Virginia Silver Line stations would include Spring Hill, Greensboro, McLean, and Virginia Square-GMU.

Read more about cost-cutting options in this Washington Post story.

See the entire budget prep report on Metro’s website.

  • cRAzy

    So, yes, we get to pay huge DTR toll increases and put up with a quadrupling of development around the Metro stations (along with the gridlock, crowded schools, shortage of parks, etc.) without having actual Metrorail service.

    Wonderful! Only in the DC Metro area could political hacks come up with such a proposal!

    • JoeInReston

      Plus there is also the special taxing district in Tysons and a proposal to create a similar one in Reston.

      For all of these reasons, I don’t see this off peak shutdowns happening. There would be too much uproar, and deservedly so. Instead, this is just a first offer where the metro gives itself room to compromise so to speak.

      • Mike M

        I think you are right. I see this threat to deny service as a preparatory fire to soften up the taxpayer for another hit. It works on L-words every time, as did the lunatic arguments about expanding Metro in the way that they did. This white elephant is very, very hungry, and it will get hungrier every year. Thank your local Democrats.

      • cRAzy

        Joe–There you go being reasonable. How has that worked for you so far in NoVa?

    • BOHICA

      Thank Tim Kaine for the higher tolls.

      • cRAzy

        Nope, it was Jerry’s idea to have toll road users pay for over half the Silver Line construction! Yes, we ought to just call it the “Connolly tax.”

        • BOHICA

          It was kaine who transferred control to MWAA. Soaring tolls began. Just google
          “tim kaine dulles toll road”

  • Scott H

    Let’s review.
    – Let’s spend Billons on a light rail line that runs 30 miles outside the city. It will be great. Oh and we’ll triple tolls on automobiles to subsidize the train. Jerry Connolly takes credit and cuts ribbon at Silver-line station.
    – Oh wait, suburban rail is economically unsustainable, even with forcing drivers to subsidize it. We need to cut service and let brand new infrastructure sit idle, unless of course you taxpayers fork over $275Million MORE dollars to subsidize the train.

    Folks, this only gets worse once the 2nd phase opens. Get ready for the pols to tell us it’s our duty to pay more to subsidize a train that ridership doesn’t support so “the most vulnerable will have access to transportation”.

  • RunDMC

    OK so let me get this straight.

    Because of shenanigans by the powers that be in Tysons, there are four Silver Line stops *some of which are within walking distance from each other* Literally everyone with half a brain says this is an incredibly stupid idea but some money exchanged hands somewhere and now there’s four Silver Line stops in Reston.

    Now, whoopsies, there’s a Metro Budget Shortfall! HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED? And, what’s the solution? OH HEY LET’S SHUT DOWN THESE THREE STATIONS THAT NO ONE WANTED BUILT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Oh my god you just cannot make up the stupidity in this region sometimes. Between this and the development going on in Reston without appropriate traffic considerations being made I think I’m gonna be moving out to a farm somewhere in Rappahanock 10 years sooner than I thought I would want to.

    • RunDMC

      “four Silver Line stops in Reston” = four Silver Line stops in Tyson’s.

    • One Really

      Amen! Culpepper here I come.

    • Why do you bother?

      will you Internet-marry me?

    • Greg

      Ken Plum owns this.

  • meyerweb

    That will only drive more people back to their cars. I we can’t count on Metro to get us home if we need too leave early, we can’t count on Metro.

  • vdiv

    Let’s just shut it all down and convert it to a bike trail! The W&OD one is not enough 🙂


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