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Fire Breaks Out in Reston Condo

by Andrew Ramonas November 2, 2016 at 2:50 pm 13 Comments

Nov. 1 2016 condo fire (Photo via Twitter/LoveRunandPray)

(Updated at 3 p.m.) An accidental fire erupted in the kitchen of a Reston condo with someone and a cat inside last night, causing about $180,000 in damage and displacing locals, according to the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department.

About 40 firefighters rushed to the unit in a four-story building on the 12000 block of Market Street about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Firefighters used a 35-foot ladder to climb up to the condo’s occupant and calm the individual as the person waited for help on a balcony. They eventually helped the occupant walk through the building and get into an ambulance, which brought the individual to a local hospital for evaluation.

At some point, the person’s cat went missing, but was later found.

A single sprinkler head was able to extinguish the fire, which came from an oven.

Five residents were displaced due to the blaze. Six condo units were damaged.

Photo via Twitter/LoveRunandPray

  • Waitwhat

    Wow, expensive fire. Good to hear everyone is okay, and the firefighter response was amazing. If that fire had spread, I’d imagine even more would come.

    • Mike M

      Based on my own experience and that of others, the damage valuations and causes tossed out by these fire fighters tend to be pulled right out of their arses. Sometimes they are roughly accurate, sometimes they are ludicrous. Last time I spoke with the Fire Marshal, he told me they are not trained, required, nor authorized to pronounce off-the-cuff estimates, nor causes. There are experts who do that. Most of them work for insurance companies.

      • P Henry

        There was extensive water damage from the water sprinklers that were set off.

        • Mike M

          And the value is $180K because . . . You sure it’s not more?

  • Michael C

    Was this in the Savoy condos?

    • palmenta


  • Ming the Merciless

    So that wood-burning stove on the countertop turned out to be a bad idea.

    • Karen Bladergroen

      By the way it I am the owner of the unit. It was being leased to a new tenant. Would anyone have any recommendations for inspection and cause of fire determination? I recently took a position on West Coast

      • Michael C

        I’m sorry to hear. I hope your tenant was insured and you as well. I own a rental in the market street condos across the street and it can be stressful.

        Are you using a property management company? I’m looking to start using one as I have been managing mine on my own the last few years.

        • Karen Bladergroen

          I am with a company but they haven’t been particularly helpful.

          • 30yearsinreston
      • Mike M

        My insurance company was all over the cause of my fire in seconds. The fire department was completely wrong and gave a cause without any rationale. Their estimate was also complete nonsense. They ended up suing on my behalf. They paid for everything, including my deposit. USAA!

  • ClarendonBros

    What units are we talking about? I used to live in the Savoy.


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