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Police: Reston Man Threw Guinea Pig Off Balcony

by Dave Emke January 3, 2017 at 3:45 pm 19 Comments

Theron Boone (courtesy FCPD)A 19-year-old Reston man is facing a number of charges after police say he tossed a guinea pig to its death.

The incident happened Friday afternoon on the 2200 block of Castle Rock Square.

“Around 12:40 p.m. Animal Protection Police responded to assist officers on a domestic violence incident in the Reston area,” Fairfax County Police said in a report today. “The suspect had thrown the victim’s pet guinea pig off the balcony and left the area. APP took the animal for an evaluation and determined it was deceased.”

Theron Boone was arrested Saturday and taken to the Adult Detention Center. He faces charges of animal cruelty, domestic violence, destruction of property and preventing someone from calling 911.

Photo courtesy FCPD

  • johnQPublic

    I would enjoying throwing this piece of garbage of the deck

  • Mike M

    So, . . . where’s the real animal in this story? If someone would do this to a completely defenseless animal, they would harm a human. Shoot it, burn it, feed it to the pigs.

    • Andy Dwyer

      Wow so original, you clearly aren’t that smart.

      • Mike M

        Hey Andy, calling people “not smart” is smart?

  • Greg

    Reston’s Shadowood (Shadowhood) in the news once again, and, as is always the case, never in a good light.

    What a dump. When is a developer coming along to bulldoze this horrible place?

    • Chuck Morningwood

      They wouldn’t need to do that. Just eliminate the parking along Soapstone, and the problem will take care of itself.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    >:( creep.

    Article doesn’t say if he’s fully adult and out on his own, still a HS student, or what. Wondering…

    • RA Funding Available

      He is 19 years old and as we know, boys turn to men early xcept for one thing: frontal lobes. Frontal lobes contain the power of reasoning, this case demonstrates lobes are in actuality at an infant state. Lets excuse this poor act and rest in comfort that Mr Guinea Pig went straight to heaven and that missing frontal lobes will soon develop to full size. In the meantime lets ensure all villagers paertake in the education of this child.

      • Ming the Merciless

        There are many millions of 19 year old males in this country who do not commit crimes or abuse animals. They attend schools and have jobs. They are, in short, capable of reasoning. The “undeveloped frontal lobes” theory is thus totally lacking in explanatory power.

        In this particular case, I doubt that this “child” (i.e., this hulking fully grown man) was lacking in reasoning ability. He knew perfectly well that throwing an animal off the balcony was a wrongful act. He did not lack reasoning ability; he is an evil SOB. He does not need education; he needs punishment.

        • RA Funding Available

          Agree make the punishment fit the crime – all lobe missing teens please report to Lake Comstock Youth Development workshop where they can disect your brain and retrofit theirs with good parts. RA should be on the hook for this small expense, we may even get past this w/o referendum.

          • Ming the Merciless

            Make the punishment fit the crime = he is thrown to his death from a balcony.

            Sounds good to me!

      • Mike M

        I was 19 once. I don’t recall throwing pets to their deaths out of spite for the pet, their owner, or any other reasons. As I recall, I would have been just as repulsed by this behavior at that time as I am now. But alas, my recollections are probably plants from Russian hackers. I guess the righteous reality is that we need to coddle such miscreants and tolerate their misdeeds as they roam throughout our community and among our loved ones, at least until their lobes fully develop, or until reparations checks are cut.

        • RA Funding Available

          I think you voiced the right opinions, now for funding-how much should RA spend to protect guinea pigs and ensure frontal lobe development? Perhaps lets add an east and west wing to the lake house, but not before referendum. Thanks

          • Mike M

            I think you’ve got me.

            OK, a wing for each! I’d put a $50,000 estimate on each. I’ll bet my brother-in-law could do a free study on it. Of course he should also get the construction contract, cost plus fee.

      • Nom Nom

        In Columbia, these rodents are cooked until their skins are crisp and served with potato and corn. I suppose they don’t give them names like Fluffy or ICanFly though.

      • Arielle in NoVA

        I wasn’t even thinking of that angle – I was wondering if he was at school with my kids or their friends.

    • Booooo

      He is not in school i know him

  • A

    I actually used to work with the guy, and sorry to say not in the least bit surprised

    • Mike M

      It always makes me nervous when people in here know our local scumbags. (See Booo below.) But at the same time it gives me that warm hometown feeling.


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