Projected Cost of Central Services Facility Project Up; RA Board to Discuss

by Dave Emke February 21, 2017 at 2:45 pm 12 Comments

Reston Association Central Services Facility

The Reston Association Board of Directors will consider Thursday releasing $200,000 in funds allocated to the Central Services Facility renovation, which staff says is needed to get the process moving before costs increase further.

Garrett Skinner, RA’s capital projects director, will address the board at its meeting this week on the status of the project. It was put on hold in June when the board recommended such large-scale projects be paused until the Tetra/Lake House independent review was conducted. The remainder of funds allocated in 2016 for the project was carried forward to the 2017 budget.

Costs of the Central Services project, primarily in construction, have increased by about 10 percent because of the delay, according to RA staff. According to notes provided to the board in their agenda packet:

“With the increased demand for construction observed in the Dulles Corridor and greater Washington region, staff is concerned that pricing for labor and materials will continue to increase and requests the Board’s permission to lift the hold on the Architecture and Engineering Project Phase in order to secure AE consultant services to develop detailed construction drawings and permitting documentation needed to officially bid out the construction phase of the project and obtain detailed cost estimates for the Implementation & Construction Phase.”

Central Services Facility consultant budgetAt the meeting, the board will be asked to “move to release $200,831 of the total $1,553,185 remaining balance for the Central Services Facility renovation project to fund Architecture & Engineering so that the Board can consider Construction Estimates by the end of Q2 2017,” according to the agenda packet.

The budget for consultants on the project includes about $47,000 for architectural work, $50,000 for engineering and $95,000 for project management.

Other items on the agenda for Thursday evening’s meeting include the following:

  • A “Proposal for Modified Ad Valorem Assessment Policy” will be presented by At-Large Director Ray Wedell. The proposed policy would replace the current flat-rate assessment for RA members with a formula that Wedell says would be “more fair and equitable to members.”
  • The Lake Newport soccer field project, proposed by Reston Soccer, will be available for discussion by members and the board. (In an email to concerned citizens Tuesday, CEO Cate Fulkerson said the RA Board of Directors will not take the project to referendum this spring; however, time will be allowed Thursday for comment because of input recently received from the community.)
  • A Conflict of Interest complaint against Director Eve Thompson, filed by Ed Abbott, will be considered.
  • The fiscal ramifications of the Reston Transportation Funding Plan to RA itself will be discussed.
  • A public hearing will be held on the potential RA membership of the Sunrise Square cluster.
  • The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee will present its 2017 Work Plan.
  • The Environmental Advisory Committee will present its pedestrian lighting recommendations.
  • The 2018-19 budget development calendar will be proposed.

The Reston Association Board of Directors will meet at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at RA Headquarters (12001 Sunrise Valley Drive).

Chart showing Central Services Facility renovation consulting costs via Reston Association

  • cRAzy

    Just a basic question: Why is the RA Board considering ANY expenditures–capital or operating–that aren’t emergency needs outside the annual budget cycle?

    The answer is: So we don’t have a chance to see the relative merits of these idiotic expenditures against the other spending requirements or RA fantasies–which CEO Fulkerson calls “opportunities.” Also, we don’t have the chance to see their impact on our assessment fees.

    Stop this ludicrous nonsense NOW!

  • SoccerStar

    Who inside RA is carrying the water for this soccer stadium proposed by RA Board candidate Roberto Anguizola? How does it keep getting on the agenda without notifying all affected parties?

    Fields for the project are in North Point, so perhaps it is outgoing NP Director De Larosa? Anguizola lives in South Lakes, so maybe it’s SL Director Bitzer (who is lobbying to be Board President–aargh) putting it on all the agendas?
    Or is the Reston Soccer Association proposal another one coming from CEO Fulkerson?

    It is time the secret sponsor stepped forward.

    • cRAzy

      Actually, Anguizola lives in the Hunters Woods area, but, yes, Bitzer would like him on the Board to help make her RA Board President. She can return the favor then by seeing that the Lake Newport soccer stadium gets approved.

      So neat and tidy these inside jobs.

  • Greg

    Costs going up at the RA? This is news?

    • You ll never wank alone


      Dont crush the dream of our unpriviledged children to catch astro turf cancer…

  • Tammi Petrine

    One quick question: I was surprised to see the line item on The Central Facilities budget for $95K for ‘project management’. Didn’t the RA board just create a new position for Garrett Skinner, RA’s capital projects director? Why wouldn’t Mr. Skinner and his staff be doing the project management?

    • 30yearsinreston

      Don’t expect them to do anything except ‘liase’ with the Board I.e sell more projects so as to fatten the staff member numbers
      Skinner was a sales person in his last job

  • 30yearsinreston

    When RA says ‘fair and equitable to all members’ they are code words for increasing dues while promoting projects profiting a few cronies and insiders

    • June Smith

      I am so pleased that I bought into a community that is not part of the “Reston Umbrellas”

  • 30yearsinreston

    Pedestrian lighting recommendations. ?
    I thought the County was responsible for Street lights
    Oh wait, RA wants a veto on the color of the light
    Just give it to the County and let them take care of it since we have already paid for it
    This public safety issue has been going on for 30+ years

    • Greg

      Oh, don’t forget — energy-wasting RA demands incandescent lights — now obsolete and mostly outlawed! Keep in mind that we pay, dearly, for this micromanagement…

      The DRB generally will not approve sodium vapor light for
      installation on individual residential properties due to its poor
      color rendition, its glare, and its contrast with the “white” lighting
      predominant in the community.

      Silver-coated floodlight bulbs will not be considered a “shielded”

      The DRB believes that incandescent lights generally produce softer, less glaring light that is more suitable to residential environments.
      Other light sources (spiral fluorescent, for example) must be a style, color and wattage that is appropriate for the fixture’s design and desired light level.

      Applications for halogen, fluorescent, or other types of light sources
      will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

      The use of motion detectors for security lights is strongly encouraged
      so that lights do not burn constantly.

      Exterior light fixtures should be “hard wired,” that is, installed so
      that there is no visible wiring or conduit.


      • 30yearsinreston

        The ‘color rendition’ is a joke
        It’s DARK outside when the lights go on
        How stupid are these clowns


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