Reston Transportation Funding Plan Meeting Set for Thursday in Herndon

by Dave Emke February 21, 2017 at 4:00 pm 10 Comments

Reston Transit Area/Fairfax County

The next community meeting for the Reston Transportation Funding Plan will be Thursday at 7 p.m. in the cafeteria of Coates Elementary School (2480 River Birch Road, Herndon). The Fairfax County Department of Transportation and Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust will host the meeting.

“It will be a great opportunity for residents who have not been able to attend a previous meeting to learn more about the funding plan,” said Jenny Kaplan, a staff aide in Foust’s office.

The presentation will focus only on the funding plan, Kaplan said. The agenda will not include discussion of the network analysis.

According to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors:

“The proposed Reston Transportation Funding Plan addresses the $2.27 billion (in 2016 dollars) need for infrastructure improvements to support the recommendations in the Reston Phase I Comprehensive Plan Amendment. The proposed plan allocates roughly $1.2 billion of the improvements over 40 years from public funds — federal, state, local, and regional funds that are anticipated for countywide transportation projects. Approximately $1.07 billion of the improvement costs will be raised from private funds — sources of revenue that are generated within the Reston TSAs and used exclusively for transportation projects in the Reston TSAs; this will require creation of a service district fund and County road fund project for management of revenues. It is anticipated that a fund for the service district will be created in FY 2018, and a new project will be created in Fund 30040 (Contributed Roadway Improvements) for the management of these Reston road fund contributions.”

The transit areas are expected to see the greatest level of development — and will need the most street grid upgrades, lane additions and traffic signals, among other improvements — as Reston grows over the coming decades.

The cost of the improvements is expected to be a public/private split, roughly 50/50. In this framework, Reston roadway projects would be paid for with public revenue, while intersections and the grid would be covered by private funding. A significant portion of the private funding is expected to be paid for through in-kind contributions to the grid from developers as redevelopment occurs, the Reston Network Analysis Advisory Group says.

Reston Transportation Funding Plan

Reston Association CEO Cate Fulkerson is encouraging RA members to be “educated and engaged” regarding the plan, according to information provided in the RA Board of Directors’ agenda packet for their own meeting Thursday. However, because it is a county tax and revenue matter, the board is not being recommended to take a position.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors plans to hold a public hearing on the plan Feb. 28.

Map of Reston Transportation Service Area and chart showing cost breakdown via Fairfax County

  • cRAzy

    Couldn’t help but notice that this discussion of the financial plan for the RESTON station areas is being held on the far side of unincorporated Herndon! That should really draw a crowd of Restonians concerned about the abusive road tax on current and future station area homeowners. (NOT!)

    If you want some insight into the new “special” tax for the select Restonians, take a look at Reston 20/20’s take on its absurdity (http://reston2020.blogspot.com/2017/01/the-absurdity-of-new-reston-road-tax.html) and fraud ( http://reston2020.blogspot.com/2016/09/the-proposed-reston-transportation-tax.html)

  • Tammi Petrine

    Whoa, folks! Be very careful. I’m not against all taxes; I AM against taxing the wrong people!!!
    #1: There actually is NO legitimate funding gap!!! Massive developer profits can and should make up this “gap”!!!
    #2: This new tax is yet another camel’s nose under the tent scheme similar to the Dulles Toll Road (DTR) deal. And we ALL know how that worked out! The county wants to pass this tax which adds another income stream to the county’s coffers. We all read about the County budget short-falls last week. This tax starts out smallish and grows and grows as tax resources around the region dry up. At WMATA meeting recently we learned the Feds are under siege and so is State of VA with not enough $$$ to pay for promised bond payments, etc. So county is sneaking this ‘little, bitty’ tax in on corridor residents who don’t have a clue and even capturing future residents of properties not yet even built.
    #3: This tax is neither stable nor predictable. The tax rates can be increased 1X/year!!! Appraisals will likely go up, up, up, again annually. And the term is not fixed and ending on a specific date!

    Just say NO to this extra, unjust, poorly conceived tax on DTR Corridor residents!

  • Chuck Morningwood


  • 30yearsinreston

    The developers should pay for all of it
    Socializing the costs and privatising the profits
    The Ms Hudgins solution to.growth

  • residentcynic

    Please explain to me why anyone should accept a $170,000,000 underpass under the Dulles Toll Road.

    We built the Golden Gate Bridge, adjusted to modern costs, for less than triple that.

    That’s just embarrassing.


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