Architecture and Engineering Phase of Central Services Facility Project Set to Begin

by Dave Emke February 27, 2017 at 2:45 pm 10 Comments

Reston Association Central Services FacilityAt its meeting Thursday, the Reston Association Board of Directors unanimously approved the release of just over $200,000 in funds previously allocated to the Central Services Facility renovation, to begin the architecture and engineering phase of the project.

According to Garrett Skinner, RA’s capital projects director, the funds will be used to develop detailed design and construction plans, further “value engineer” the project for cost savings, prepare permit application documents, receive detailed construction bids, and prepare the report for the Board of Directors to consider for the project’s next phase.

The project was put on hold in June 2016 when the board recommended such large-scale projects be paused until the Tetra/Lake House independent review was conducted. The board approved in December the release of funds to have staff work with project managers on an updated estimate of project cost.

Before the project was placed on hold, $87,000 was expended in the planning and design phase.

The project will include upgrades to the facility’s main building, shop area and warehouse:

  • bathroom in warehouse building for environmental staff
  • additional exit and ADA accessibility for warehouse office area
  • replace all windows in main building
  • add to bathroom capacity in main building to meet volume needs
  • address leaking roof
  • improve reception area for staff and RA members
  • provide HVAC system for shop area
  • install security system
  • upgrade LAN connectivity
  • provide adequate workspaces
  • provide modular training space

RA staff says the cost of the project may increase by about 10 percent because it has been on hold, owed to increased demand for construction in the Dulles Corridor and greater Washington region. Skinner said at Thursday’s meeting that staff is “working hard” to try to stay within the projected cost of the renovation, which had been set at $1,553,185.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Has the ‘Project Director’ hired more staff
    That will be the next step

    • cRAzy

      First, RA HR must hire more recruiters so it can hire more project staff for the Project Director.

  • Drip

    Why not contract out most of the work on Reston grounds instead of maintaining such costly payroll, benefits, and support costs? If the work was contracted out, RA could sell the land and not renovate this facility.

    • Guest

      You think contractors wouldn’t charge more than the existing solution? Learn more about the Central Services Facility.

      If you’re dead set on selling RA property, I bet I know a building.

      • Mike M

        Properly managed, contractors will be more efficient. Management could give incentives to be so. They are much better at balancing delivery and cost. If they fail, you fire them and hire someone else. Simple. This is so well-known world over. Only Socialists don’t get it.

        • Guest

          I see you want to pile a couple of dedicated contractor liaison salaries onto the RA budget.

          Aside from property and storage at the facility, central services performs required maintenance work with a responsible long term team. Only hire some middle management contractor for this work to separate liability.

          Only subs who stand to get shafted don’t get it.

          • Greg

            One can only imagine you employs you…

  • Rational Reston

    Move Central Services to the Lake House.

  • cRAzy

    Cost of $1.5 million??? That’s about ten percent of the RA budget! So who is RA going to fire to make room for that expenditure?

  • Greg

    That’s a terrible location for the facility. Nothing like seeing that ramshackle parking lot full of trailers and junk first thing when crossing into Reston — from either the Parkway or Sunset Hills.

    Sell the land, demolish the buildings, outsource the work and get the property on the tax rolls.

    We know Hudgins will approve anything proposed there…


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