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New Boston Properties Development Would Link Town Center with Metro

by Dave Emke June 8, 2017 at 2:45 pm 39 Comments

Boston Properties’ plans for a 28-acre site between the W&OD Trail and Sunset Hills Road would provide a connection between the Reston Town Center Metro station and RTC itself.

According to the latest edition of The Fairfax Newsletter, the 3.94 million-square feet of mixed-use development that is proposed for the site would include up to 1.69 million square feet of residential space, up to 1.67 million square feet of office space, up to 509,000 square feet of hotel space, and up to 185,400 square feet of retail/restaurant space. Construction would take place on nine blocks, in two phases. A 1.56-acre central area — designed to “invoke the successes” of places like the Mosaic District — is also proposed for the property.

A pedestrian bridge is proposed over Sunset Hills Road to connect the property to the future Metro station, with a “Gateway Plaza” that may include retail and a “noteworthy restaurant.” In addition, extension of Library Street from Reston Town Center to Reston Gateway is proposed; however, that would require approval from both the county and the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, as it would cross the W&OD Trail.

The property currently is the home of two office buildings, Reston Corporate Center I and II, which would be demolished to make room for the new development.

The site, a portion of which is currently being used as a parking area for Metro construction, is part of the Reston Planned Residential Community (PRC) District. Under a proposed amendment to the PRC zoning ordinance, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors could approve the development to include population density in excess of 50 dwelling units per acre, which is the current cap.

The plans for the property call for between 1,502 and 1,688 units.

Images via Boston Properties

  • Wilson

    Great! Boston Properties can destroy a new swath of Reston! And who, exactly approves of this?

    • 40yearsinreston

      Hudgins and her pal Plum

  • LC

    Oh good another Boston Properties development I will avoid!

  • Reston Realist

    This new proposed development is totally ridiculous in scale and is absolutely not needed. Honestly, the amount of density in Reston is going to choke it to death.

  • Scott

    Yes, but will I have to pay to park there?

  • Rich_C

    This is an empty lot, where the Fairfax Connector pickup was before the Weihle metro opened, and the 2 CIA buildings which have an ugly black fence around the whole property. This is hardly destroying a beautiful part of Reston. I guess the CIA is moving out?

    • cRAzy

      Maybe the CIA will put an ugly black fence around a high rise. Just sayin’…

      • Greg

        Just across the toll road, it did….

    • TheKingJAK

      Ugly black fence? I hardly even notice those buildings. It’s the ridiculous skyscrapers that are the issue.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Still not going if parking is not free

  • Guest

    NOTE: the top illustration for this article is from early 2016, and includes a proposed plaza and “performing and fine arts center” (the green and blue space in front of all those tall buildings) that was later removed from the plan.

    • Tammi Petrine

      Antennae up, folks! The Performing Arts Center (PAC) is a dream-child of Leila Gordon and RCC friends and has been mysteriously levitated to RTCN. A couple of problems with that:
      #1. Who wants to pay for such a facility? I sure DO NOT as a captive member of STD #5 (ALL of Reston, RTCA and RA members pay this invisible tax sur-charge of 4 Cents/$100 RE TAX appraisal per year). NOT one PAC on the planet breaks even. Why should RCC enrollees pay for a regional facility? And god knows the County is broke (can’t afford library books, schools or extra traffic lights) so likely THEY are not offering to pony up!
      #2. Where is there ROOM in RTCN? Hey, is this why the county is counting the flood water retention ponds west of RTCN and just south of Baron Cameron Rd as part of RTCN required open space??? Will our future indoor Rec Center be compromised by attempts to smash in a PAC on the same site? Stay tuned.

      So many questions but few answers as our supervisor and insiders have decided not to share these plans. PS: About a year ago, Reston 20/20 noticed the PAC had been erased off the approved Master Plan and called BPX about it. Only comment was BPX had withdrawn their proffer to build the PAC on their land NEAR the Metro.

  • Jenny Gibbers

    I cannot wait for BXP to add some clarity to this cluttered corner of Reston and by making it pedestrian friendly they will win me over.

    Also; I prefer construction there over any other part of Reston and their plan seems to provide the economic stimulus package that the RTC very badly needs at this time.

    Thanks for investing in Reston.

    • meyerweb

      How long have you been working for BXP?

      • Jenny Gibbers

        How long have you been a freeloader jihadist?

        • Drip

          So much to say from such a little response… Maybe Jenny Gibbers is just being sarcastic due to how ridiculous her comments are? Hard to tell, so for this purpose I’ll take the comment at face value recognizing that my sarcasm meter may be off.
          You call someone who appears to be a Reston consumer but critical of a business practice a “freeloader.” A consumer is not a freeloader. Wanting a better deal on prices or parking is not freeloading. Remaining outside of RA’s purview and fee structure but advertising many of its amenities as RTC’s own can be construed as a form of freeloading.
          You call the same person a “jihadist”; essentially, you are attempting to shut down someone’s speech regarding a business practice by equating that person’s views with people who murder innocents in the name of religion. Such a comparison more effectively lumps Jenny Gibbers with a fascist mentality. So there you go.
          What “economic stimulus package” for RTC? According to the BXP over(land)lords, RTC is doing great. Does BXP need our charity?
          Finally, how long have you worked for BXP? Asking for a friend.

          • RestonAssurance

            Sorry Jenny, but Drip is correct. Pretty certain any Reston resident asking critical questions about any BXP development doesn’t equate them to a “freeloader jihadist”. You may want to reassess the way you use those two words.

    • 40yearsinreston

      Economic​ stimulus by adding more paid parking ?

    • RVA_101

      Nobody on this site will defend you for fear of retribution from the fearmongering, intensely NIMBY Restonians who seemingly can predict the impending demise of their town to socialist, Democrat-led, transit and bike lane-having commies. I, for one agree, this section of RTC was always meant for transit oriented development (TOD), modern urban planning theory usually supports this kind of development, vacant land near a transit hub is not practical, and frankly, the lot as it stands is an eyesore.

      • Greg

        You are on target, but what most opine is that the vast majority who depend on privately-owned vehicles for most of their transportation needs are being neglected, yet taxed ever more, to the favor of the tiny minority. Government is poorly maintaining, yet alone expanding and enhancing to meet increasing needs, that which we already have for ever more residents.

        The developers never contribute enough, yet profit handsomely, and the county and commonwealth spend our billions on all manner of things but that which sustains the golden geese (the taxpayers).

        TOD may be the urban design dogma of the day, but it does little, it anything, for those who came to be and still, live, work, and play in a Reston designed and built decades ago. We all managed quite fine without “sharrows,” bike lanes, elevated “subways,” TOD, neighborhood arts centers and more, and all those many parts of Reston will not soon, if ever, be redeveloped.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Note that, just because you fill in the gap between RTC and the station with concrete, that does not mean that RTC is any closer to Metro as the title of the article implies.

  • Dale

    Look around people, Reston is for Sale! Download your parking apps and update your credit info! Great to have Fairfax, RA and Boston Properties pointing the way to the future!!!

    • Tammi Petrine

      What??? RA has NOTHING to do with any of this. ‘Credit’ goes to our supervisor and her band of merry approvers who never met a development they didn’t like.

      • Dale

        Yes, you are correct, RA has done nothing about this…

        • Tammi Petrine

          Dale, RA has no jurisdiction over these matters. That’s why they are unable to stop over-development. You understand that RA is an HOA only, right?

          • Dale

            You do understand that RA is a legal entity who has a responsibility and Charter to ensure that Development and Operational aspects of Reston represents the best interest of Reston’s Home Owners. Note, it is as you pointed out an HOA in the County of Fairfax and state of Virginia.

  • Big Drop

    Eventually, similar to the 7400 block of Wisconsin avenue, Waverly street, etc. in downtown Bethesda I would expect BXP to build over the Old Dominion trail fusing the two sections together. I will also suggest there is a very real need for a monorail running from the Metro to the middle of Town Center. That will be a half mile walk from the middle of the Toll road and I will be surprised if many people do it.

    • meyerweb

      LOL. A monorail. Like any developer is going to pay for that.

      • Willie Reston

        I’m pretty sure the entire post was done in sarcasm.

      • 40yearsinreston

        No worries, Hudgins and RA would be delighted to have locals pick up the tab
        Ken Plum can claim credit for it

    • Arielle in NoVA
      • LakeNewportLady

        Thank you! I was singing it in my head!!

  • spawndoodling

    I’m all for connecting RTC to the new Metro, but can’t these developers build a library or an indoor/outdoor public space? The last thing Reston Town Center needs is more retail and restaurants that people have to pay to park near.

    • Arielle in NoVA


  • meyerweb

    Will the Board of Stupidvisors not be satisfied until Reston traffic is totally gridlocked, and no one can actually get anywhere?

  • TH

    As you can read in this article, they’ve addressed newly proposed roads to mitigate the influx of traffic. Reston has always been a great planner in this way!

    • Tammi Petrine

      Huh? What mitigation? Any substantive traffic infrastructure improvements are decades away. Are these developments decades away as well OR will we all be drowning in exhaust fumes while the developers have moved on to their next cash cows? PS: the “Reston Planners” are totally developer dominated. Make NO mistake about that.

  • Juli Vermillion

    Great, Boston Properties is the parasite that is going to destroy Reston.

  • Sam

    It’s a pipe dream but it should be proffered that BXP pays for extension of Town Center Pkwy, under the toll road, to Sunrise Valley in order to get this project approved.


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