Report: Wegmans Close to Agreement for Store Near Future Town Center Metro Station

by Dave Emke October 5, 2017 at 4:00 pm 29 Comments

(This article was edited at 4:30 p.m. to clarify information about the size of the potential store.)

Citing a pair of unnamed sources, the Washington Business Journal reports that grocery chain Wegmans has signed a letter of intent to put an urban-format store near the future Reston Town Center Metro station.

According to WBJ, the store would be built in the future Reston Crescent development, a 36-acre plot of land in the northwest corner of the intersection of Reston Parkway and Sunrise Valley Drive. That’s across from Reston Association headquarters.

In May, the WBJ reported the Western New York-based chain was looking at a 23-acre property assemblage on Association Drive, near the intersection of Sunrise Valley Drive and Soapstone Drive. Among factors that may have burdened a deal for that site is the proposed Soapstone Connector, which would cut through the property.

The new report states the upscale grocer has committed to Reston Crescent developer Brookfield Properties. The store would be small for a Wegmans, similar in size to the store approved for Tysons at 80,000 square feet. (On its website, Wegmans says its stores range in size from “75,000 to 140,000 square feet.”)

Currently going through the County approval process, the 36-acre property is scheduled to be redeveloped to add up to 2,260 dwelling units, 1.18 million square feet of office space, up to 125,000 square feet of retail, and potentially a 160-room hotel. Six parks are also included in Brookfield’s plan. The WBJ report indicates a deal with Wegmans may mean the site plan will require a redesign to accommodate the grocery store.

There are more than 90 Wegmans stores in six states, ranging from Massachusetts to Virginia. The company has plans to open a store in DC soon, as well as for expansion into North Carolina.

Wegmans’ website shows two confirmed future locations in Fairfax County:

  • A Chantilly location, at Route 28 and Westfields Boulevard, is scheduled for a 2018 opening
  • The Tysons location, at the future Capital One Center near I-495 at Route 123, is listed as a “future site”

The nearest current locations are in Sterling (Dulles 28 Center) and Fairfax.

  • Jon May

    I am all in favor of this news, but if the developer wants this rezoning approved and to include Wegman’s, which is a huge traffic generator, I think they need to pay for the extension of Town Center Parkway under the Dulles Toll Road from Sunset Hills to Sunrise Valley.

    • meberger

      Hope the avoidance of longer and additional gridlock with suggestions like yours are a part of these development projects.

      • Scott

        Cathy Hudgins would never require such consideration from developers who donate and keep her in office

        • John Farrell

          Check her entry on VPAP. She doesn’t fund raise and she doesn’t take developer money.

          She has other motivation: she really believes.

          • Scott

            Maybe she sees runaway development, traffic congestion, and turning Reston into Arlington as a positive

          • 40yearsinreston

            A positive would be to see Hudgins on the bus out of town

          • JoeInReston

            Yes, Ballston appears to be the goal of every municipal supervisor and developer. Such changes might be great if you already live in an urban area, but far from great for those who sought and chose an alternative to the crammed urban life style.

          • 40yearsinreston

            she believes in turning Reston into an urban jungle

          • One LibIknow


          • Why do you bother?

            “She doesn’t fund raise and she doesn’t take developer money.”

            HAHAHAHAHAHA! I have some swampland in the Sahara to sell you, too.

          • John Farrell


    • John Farrell

      Why would you want them pay for that and not the Soapstone extension?

      • ffx cty casino pit boss

        you can bakenthat into a campaign promise but you know full well thats never going to happen

        fact is, people need to eat. 40+ high density buildings on queue, plenty of tax revenue coming in

        jus pls,keep it real dont splash the chips. thanks boss

    • 40yearsinreston

      Hudgins will never support that
      It may cost the developer some money that the taxpayer can provide

    • Sam

      Agreed! And it needs to coincide with development onsite. Not after.

    • Greg

      The tunnel under the toll road is already prepped (or mostly built), so it’s not out of the possibilities.

  • vdiv

    “OK…” said Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter, Amazon Foods, Trader Joe’s, Mom’s… “Was good while it lasted.”

  • John Farrell

    There’s a third Fairfax County Wegman’s at the corner of Telegraph and Beulah.

  • Mike M

    Bye Safeway! We’l miss you. But not really.
    Giant and Harris Teeter might want to pucker up too.

    • Tom

      Woohoo! Safeway sucks!!

  • whole foods

    i hope its gonna be even better than ashburn. hit JB right into the pocketbook.

  • Drip

    I take my kid to and from the Simon Center over there… Traffic is an absolute nightmare at certain times of day. Oftentimes you can’t even exit onto Sunrise Valley and need to risk the dangerous left turn onto South Lakes to get out of there; with additional housing and a Wegmans, it will be even more awful trying to get onto Reston Parkway. And you can’t go the other way toward the Fairfax County Parkway at times due to awful congestion and light timings. They will really need to do some real work to alleviate some of the congestion or its going to sometimes back up in all directions for miles.

    • 40yearsinreston

      The only way to relieve congestion is to fire Hudgins and Plum

  • 40yearsinreston

    Wegmans is an over priced grocery store frequented by yuppies

    • vdiv

      So it will fit right in! :p

    • CaptainObvious

      It will, as stated above, be a traffic nightmare certainly at that location ( onto & off Reston Parkway and 267 next to Town Center. Just imagine….

  • Greg

    Big mistake to go small. Look at Whole Foods and Harris Teeter. Both have been eager to expand for years, but haven’t, can’t or both.

  • John Barrass

    I wonder if it’ll be paid parking.

    • Greg

      No doubt there will be since it’s about as close to the metro RTC station as is possible.

      Unless there is a plan to build a huge deck over the toll road and access highway and plant towers atop it…


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