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Report: Wegmans Grocery Chain May Be Eyeing Expansion into Reston

by Dave Emke May 19, 2017 at 3:15 pm 12 Comments

(This article was edited at 4:45 p.m. with comment from Wegmans.)

Upscale grocery store Wegmans is looking to expand into Reston, the Washington Business Journal reports.

According to the report, sources tell the WBJ that the Western New York-based chain is looking at a 23-acre property on Association Drive, near the intersection of Sunrise Valley Drive and Soapstone Drive. The several owners who own pieces of the property have banded together to offer the assemblage for sale, the WBJ previously reported.

That location is only about a half-mile west of the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station, in an area that is seeing a huge amount of residential and retail development.

There are more than 90 Wegmans stores in six states, ranging from Massachusetts to Virginia. The nearest current locations are in Sterling (Dulles 28 Center) and Fairfax.

Among factors that may burden any deal for the property is the planned Soapstone Connector, which would cut through the property. The grocery chain is also considering property close to the future Herndon Metro station at Fairfax County Parkway, according to the report.

Wegmans requires a large footprint — approximately 15 acres — for one of its stores.

In response to an inquiry from Reston Now regarding the report, Wegmans media relations coordinator Valerie Fox said the following:

On our website is a list of sites where we have announced plans to build a store. There are always many rumors about other new sites, but we don’t comment on rumors or speculation. We open just three or four stores each year and our new store growth is concentrated in the northeast and mid-Atlantic regions.”

The site shows two future locations in Fairfax County:

  • A Chantilly location, at Route 28 and Westfields Boulevard, is scheduled for a 2018 opening
  • A Tysons location, near I-495 at Route 123, is listed as a “future site”

  • vdiv

    “Oh crap!”, said all other grocery stores.

    • Jenny Gibbers

      Quality and selection will diminish, grocers will order less and stuff will sit longer, example target.

      Shoppers now getting into it too. As for wegmanns, i used to be a big fan – ashburn store. Quality really went down, prices are high. Fact.

      A good farm co-op is still best.

      • vdiv

        Or they can perk up and compete for a change. That’s what groceries did in NJ when Wegman’s arrived there. A&P and Shoprite had to reinvent their stores and rapidly increase the quality and diversity of the food. I literally have no idea what half of the North Point Giant and most of the Spectrum Harris Teeter sell.

        • Mike M

          Sweet competition! Hey Safeway! Up your game?

  • I worked for Wegmans as a stock clerk for 22 years and it is a first class company and it provides a wonderful shopping experience for those who visit.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Wegmans are over priced

    • Matt Bassler

      Like any grocery store,it depends on what you are shopping for and you need to be a savvy shopper and know your prices.
      I have found here in New Jersey that Wegmans prices are better than Shop Rite

  • Greg

    Safeway is filthy and disgusting with lousy service, and the only thing giant at Giant are the prices.

  • Jen

    Wish they would have one closer to Arcade, ny!!!!

  • johnson

    I have wanted a Wegman’s in Reston for quite a while. I agree with comments that Safeway is filthy and poor service. Giant has higher prices. I drive to Wegman’s in Fairfax when I can and it is a great experience; the shopping, not the driving. Customer service is always exceptional and prices on normal items are better than elsewhere. The Wegman’s fresh stuff might be a little more pricey, but it is fresh and worth it.

    If you want a Wegman’s, write to Wegmans media relations coordinator, Valerie Fox, and tell her!

    • Greg

      I agree with you, but I think that the Reston location under consideration is terrible without mixed-use development atop and around the Wegman’s. Access will be limited and the property is set to have Soapstone extended through it.

      Will the Wegman’s be built atop Soapstone tunnelling under it?

    • Tom H

      Didn’t Balducci’s also announce plan to open in the Spectrum plaza area? BTW, if you are a cork-dork, Wegmans in Ashburn has a fantastic wine shop.


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