Pet of the Week: Cheese

by RestonNow.com October 11, 2017 at 10:15 am 4 Comments

This is a sponsored post from Becky’s Pet Care, a professional pet care service in Northern Virginia.

This week’s Reston Pet of the Week is Cheese, the newly adopted sister of a memorable Pet of the Week from earlier this year, Kevin.

Here is what Cheese’s owner, Mark, had to say about her:

When we first found Cheese, I wanted to name her “Oriole.” I wanted to give something positive — anything positive — to my other cat, Kevin, an Orioles fan, after the dumpster fire of a season they had this year. I figured giving her a sister whose coat matched the flames of the Orioles’ season might somehow give Kevin some solace.

But then my fiancée vetoed that idea (she prefers the Nats), and after Googling “orange things,” I found a picture of Old Bay Cheese Puffs. Close enough. And so, Cheese inherited her name.

Cheese is more like a dog; she plays all the time, she cuddles excessively, and she loves to lick your skin. My fiancée, a “dog person” at heart, has developed a special bond with Cheese, and the two can often be found napping about the house together. After a few days of posturing and bouts of hissing, Kevin warmed up too, and the two are often heard scampering around the house together.

It feels like home with those two kitties. It feels happy. It feels complete for now. We are very lucky to have added Cheese to the family. To many more laps around the house, Cheese!

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  • Mike M

    OK. “Cheese” is a cool name for a cat. But I have to draw the line at Kevin. Kevin is a kid’s name. You want a Kevin? Get busy and make a baby. Kevins are neighbor kids who ride their bike over the corner of your front yard. Kevins DO NOT climb your curtains and jump from the kitchen floor to the top of your fridge. Kevins do not conduct full body, claw, and teeth assaults on your feet as you walk across a dark room. Dogs and cats cannot be Kevins.

    Try “Crackers.”

    My consulting fee is $50. Thank you.

    • TheKingJAK

      Ironically, I named my cat the most chill sounding name imaginable, and she ended up being the most ferocious lion imaginable (Well, ferocious towards non-family members and threats anyways, which I find to be awesome). A guard cat is priceless.

      • Why do you bother?

        My brother had a similar experience: named his afraid-of-her-own-shadow kitten “Spike,” hoping she’d… well….grow a figurative pair. Didn’t work for him, either.

    • Stefanie

      Oh. Well, it’s a good thing that our Kevin doesn’t do any of those things. Good luck with those clawed up feet. 🙂


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