A Look Inside: Bozzuto’s New Aperture Apartments at Reston Station

by Dave Emke October 12, 2017 at 1:30 pm 20 Comments

New residents are beginning to move into Aperture (11410 Reston Station Blvd.), which is described as “not just an apartment building, but an artistic expression.”

Mike Henehan, senior vice president of Bozzuto Development Company, said the leasing process began last month and about 14 units in the 421-unit building are being moved into already. The finishing touches are being put on the building, with hopes for hundreds more residents moving in during the coming months.

“We didn’t want to do another high-rise — we wanted to do something that was a little cool,” said Reston developer Chuck Veatch, who has owned the property since 1978. It was previously the home of a mini-storage facility and retail strip center. “One of the things that we talked about was tying it in with a lot of art and a lot of photography.”

Veatch, who came to Reston in 1964 and was involved in its original development, is also chairman of the board and contributing editor for Nature’s Best Photography magazine. With that in mind, the building features the overarching theme of nature photography, with numerous stunning photos out of the Nature’s Best archives displayed throughout.

“We gave [the design team] all of the winners that have been in our exhibits down at the Smithsonian, and they went through and decided what they wanted to use in the building,” Veatch said. “The corridors all have Nature’s Best photography in them, and what they did was pick a theme for each floor.”

Sculptor Zachary Oxman also has works displayed inside and outside the building, including the 11-foot-tall “Convergence” that was unveiled last month. Architecture firm KTGY designed the building, and its interior design was envisioned by award-winning designer Rebecca Jones.

The building offers studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom dwelling units. There are three courtyards, with amenities including a saltwater pool, outdoor cooking stations, a pet-play area and more. Also included are a full gym, an extensive lounge area, a library and other features.

Orangetheory Fitness will soon open as Aperture’s first retail tenant. Veatch said a second retailer, which will be a restaurant, is in the works.

The goal is to cultivate a sense of camaraderie among residents, Veatch said.

“We want Aperture to be a place, a community,” he said. “There will be a lot of programming and all kinds of cool stuff here for people to do.”

Aperture residents will also be part of a larger community, as members of Reston Association.

Tours of Aperture will be included as part of the Reston Home Tour, taking place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. Prospective residents are also invited to schedule their own visit to learn more.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    “We didn’t want to do another high-rise — we wanted to do something that was a little cool,”


    When you’re building matchsticks over concrete, you can’t do a high rise.

  • HOA x2

    nice, I wish I could afford it. just the HOA fee would probably put me out of business.

    • Conservative Senior

      These are rentals. RA made a sweet deal with the developer to be part of RA at a reduced fee. The existing RA members will make up the deficit probably.

      • SouthLakes

        Who are these marketed towards? The cheapest studio is $1683/month or a paltry $20,196 per year. Anyone not making over $70k gross of taxes will already be paying more than 30% of their income to rent. Clearly the future inhabitants of these apartments will not be the ones requiring subsidized living expenses.

        • TheKingJAK

          Yuppies who go into debt, that’s who often buys into such furnishings.

          • SouthLakes

            As a yuppie, if I was going to spend $20k per year on rent, I’d be living closer to DC. There are no amenities out here worth spending that much on rent.

        • Willie Reston

          Brogrammers and brosultants who work in Dulles or Tyson’s, although they’d probably rather live in RTC anyway at that price. Anybody of sound mind who works either in or closer to DC would choose to pay the same amount in Arlington/Alexandria/DC.

  • EliteinReston

    Sort of serious question. What is the attraction of saltwater pools? Do people prefer salt over chlorine?

    • TheKingJAK

      It doesn’t bother your eyes or ruin your clothing as much as purely chlorinated pools do. Not to mention that saltwater is great for buoyancy.

      • EliteinReston

        Thank you. I did not know that.

  • Thomas Stearns

    Beware of anything with Bozzuto’s name on it. All sizzle no quality. Just ask residents of similar properties around DC. This monstrosity hulks without adequate setbacks over Sunset Hills and Reston Station Blvd under the guise of “urban design”. In reality it is a pure profit play by Bozzuto to squeeze every last inch of cheap construction on a small lot. A good spot for those who enjoy paying top dollar for exhaust fumes and being located nowhere near shopping or night life.

    • TheKingJAK

      Seriously, I’m expecting a vehicle to go flying into one of those structures sooner rather than later.

    • Willie Reston

      +100. This building is made of popsicle sticks and the only – ONLY – reason anybody would want to live in that traffic-choked tangle of highways is to be close to the Metro, and even then the Metro presents a bundle of problems on its own. Founding Farmers is not ever going to happen, and it will be 10+ years before that area becomes the Ballston they’re trying to make it be.

    • cRAzy

      A tenement building in the making!

  • Nyla J.

    Decisions decisions…. the smell of Popeye’s and a gas station? Or the toll road and metro station?

  • Scott

    in this case urban cool = butt ugly

  • vdiv

    Bozzuto want so repeat this, only twice as large at St. Johns Woods.

  • Tom

    When did an apartment become a “dwelling unit”?

  • cRAzy

    Another in a long list of ugly apartment complexes. Just boxes on top of boxes jammed into the space right up to the minimum-width sidewalk. Straight up UGLY.

    (OK, but still not as ugly as VY from Reston Parkway. The garage looks like it was built by drunken sailor.)


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