Driver Charged in Fatal Reston Crash on Sunday

by RestonNow.com October 30, 2017 at 1:22 pm 34 Comments

A 45-year-old man has been charged with drunk driving following a fatal crash that took place in Reston on Sunday.

Fairfax Police issued a statement indicating the department is still investigating the crash, which took place at the intersection of Baron Cameron Avenue and Lake Fairfax Drive around 2:30 p.m.

“A preliminary investigation revealed a 1987 Toyota MR2 was traveling south on Baron Cameron Avenue, approaching Lake Fairfax Drive, when it crossed the center median and struck a 2008 Porsche traveling northbound,” police said in the statement.

The driver, 45-year-old Jose Jimenez-Yapura, suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was arrested, as police said alcohol appears to have been a factor in the crash. He has been charged with driving while intoxicated. His passenger, however, later identified as 42-year-old Miguel Jiminez of Falls Church, was taken to the hospital, but later died of his injuries.

The driver of the Porsche, a 16-year-old, was not injured in the crash.

Police are still investigating, and said they are unsure if speed may have also been a factor in the crash.


  • EliteinReston

    The accident was at Baron Cameron and Hunter Mill. I saw it. Lake Fairfax Drive became a detour route.

    • James Schaeffer Jr.

      That intersection is dangerous, both sides have line-of-sight illusions an unaware driver can fall for!

      • Anonymous Person

        Especially when drunk.

  • Why do you bother?

    Still trying to get past “16-year-old” and “Porsche.”

    • OneReally

      He had to take the beater while the RR was in the shop. Mom also probably had the Jag.

      • Mike M

        Great Falls problems.

    • Scout


    • The Constitutionalist

      Well you made it almost all the way to the bottom so at least you got most of it.

      • To be honest

        I thought the story started here

    • Constitutional Conservative

      Fairfax County is the second wealthiest county in the US. I’m sure the parents consider the Porsche their beater.

      • PDE3056

        TONGUE-IN-CHEEK… “now the Porsche IS their `beater'”…” just sayin’

  • meh

    Jose Jimenez-Yapura doesn’t sound like a good hombre

    • Sandy

      Racist POS

      • TheKingJAK

        What? You can tell his race by a Spanish name? Amazing.

      • Feh

        It’s racist to be against drunk drivers crashing into other cars and killing people now?

      • Mike M

        Wouldn’t we all be better off if Jose stayed where he was born?

        • Chelsea

          Now the real questions is wouldn’t the world be better without crappy people like yourself, I think it would. You people make me sick.

          • Chelsea

            And your name does sound like white trash too

          • Mike M

            So you can call people white trash and that’s cool. But immigration laws are not?

          • Mike M

            Can’t handle honest disagreement? If Jose stayed where he was born, would his brother be dead? Maybe but this incident would not have happened here. I believe in much more constricted immigration. Is it OK to believe in that? Do we need more people like you who are not mature enough for mature democracy?

          • Chelsea

            I can handle honest disagreement but this country since day one has been built on immigrants and no one seems to get that I bet even your great great great great great grandparents were immigrants or is your family truly native American as in the people who live here before Christopher Columbus got here and colonized America, then I could take into account why you do think like that but as you believe in constricted immigration I believe everyone has a right to go find a better future for themselves you know and this accident was a tragedy but it does not give anyone the right to be racist like this and i am mature enough for a mature democracy but I believe in a diverse America and not the racist people who live here who only portray America’s bad side. That’s the end of my argument. You can all keep on being ignorant.
            Have a nice night.

          • Mike M

            Congratulations. You won the Millennium run-on sentence of the year! I think we ought to constrict immigration. So did the Iroquois. They got inundation instead. You seem to favor inundation. Ber advised, it didn’t serve the Iroquois! Dolt!

          • Conservative Senior

            Those immigrants came here legally, worked very hard, had NO government subsidies & built this great country. You are the ignorant one. Grow up.

    • jay

      So is your life

    • Jhon

      They are brothers you racist POS

      • meh

        Like I said, some of them I assume are good people. But I think it’s safe to clarify someone driving while intoxicated as a bad hombre

      • TheKingJAK

        Do you even speak Spanish? “Hombre” just means “Man”, so what’s wrong with with him referring to a DUI and manslaughter suspect as not sounding like a good man?

      • The Constitutionalist


        2020 is going to be fun.

      • Sopa de Gran Pena IV

        He loved his brother so much he sent him to heaven

  • Cuong Do
    • Why do you bother?

      Must have been horrible. Sorry you had to see that.

    • Mike M

      The Porsche looks like it had its force field on.

    • Pastor Maldonado

      Who’s that behind us?

  • PDE3056

    I find it curious there is NO mention in Patch of the ferocious 2 “sports car” head-on crash on Sunday, +/- 4Pm, on Sunset Hills Road, just above the VDOT yard…total demolishment… with 3rd car piling-in: from looks of it, no one could have survived :'(


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