Reston Coalition Continues to Challenge Zoning Changes Ahead of Monday Meeting

by Fatimah Waseem December 7, 2017 at 2:45 pm 3 Comments

Opponents of a proposal before the county to increase Reston’s population density continue to mobilize ahead of community meeting on Monday night.

The Coalition for a Planned Reston, a community organization that includes Reclaim Reston, Reston 20/20 and the Reston Citizens Association, will gather community feedback about the proposal and discuss specific changes to scale back Reston’s master plan in an effort limit the scale of development in the planned community.

The proposal, which will go before the county’s Board of Supervisors, would increase the maximum allowed population per acre in the Planned Residential Community district from 13 persons up to 16.

The zoning change could also open up Reston’s village centers to increased residential development. The proposal would allow the Board of Supervisors to approve developments above 50 residential units per acre within the district’s Transit Station Areas (TSAs) — so long as the projects comply with the area’s master plan that guides development.

Reston Association staff opposed the changes. In a letter, In the letter, the RA staff also asks county supervisors to hold off on any further consideration of the PRC density cap increase until RA staff and county staff together can examine the Reston Master Plan portion of the county’s Comprehensive Plan.

Meanwhile, the coalition will pitch amendments to Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins before Christmas. Overall, the coalition is seeking to constrain density growth and ensure infrastructure keeps up to pace with development.

CPR hopes to maintain the intensity of opposition to the proposal, which eclipsed in late October during a 900-person public community meeting in Reston where an overwhelming majority of attendees opposed the proposal.

“We are anxious to present what we believe are reasonable Reston plan amendments to Supervisor Hudgins rather than just denoting a list of topic areas where changes could be made,” said Terry Maynard, co-chair of the Reston 20/20 Committee. “We are hopeful that the community will buy in to these proposals and possibly suggest some modifications and additions.”

Changes under consideration include reinstating a population cap throughout Reston which existed in the community’s 1989 plan; placing a cap on high-density, high-rise residential development, which the coalition stated is unlimited in the current plan; and phasing development with supporting infrastructure similar to the Tysons plan.

On a broader level, the coalition seeks to ensure county policies and standards that govern schools, parks and transportation are realistically in line with Reston’s growth potential.

CPR will also use the meeting platform to discuss other controversial zoning matters, including the “densification of Saint Johns Woods” and the addition of a road through Hidden Creek Country Club.

“The last minute inclusion by the Planning Commission of developer language allowing Bozzuto to re-develop St. Johns Woods at triple its current density is a perfect example of community exclusion in the development process,” said Reclaim Reston member Bruce Ramo.

The meeting will be held on Monday at 7 p.m. in the Reston Association Conference Center.

  • Tammi Petrine

    On 10/23/17 Restonians, decked in yellow, turned out in force to show our Supervisor and County Staff that we had reached a tipping point re: Reston development gone wild and its deleterious effects on our collective lives. We are spending our precious time stuck in traffic, watching overcrowded schools struggle and our parkland over subscribed. Our planned community is being overrun by unbridled development for which commensurate additional infrastructure is non-existent.

    Monday, Dec. 11 PLEASE join Phase 2 of our protest! We need YOUR input. We will convene a community meeting at RA headquarters at 7-9PM where YOU will be able to hear SPECIFIC language we intend to present to our Supervisor and ultimately the entire Board of Supervisors that covers defects in our current Reston Master Plan.

    We welcome all to this discussion, Restonians and those from adjoining neighborhoods and communities. We will present a program of suggested additions and actions and THEN we want to hear your ideas for additions or corrections. We appreciate that we all are busy in these dark winter days getting ready for holiday celebrations and praying for a better New Year. But we must continue our quest for salvation of our planned Community especially now that Hidden Creek Country Club has been sold and its new buyer is on record as saying he wants to develop it.

    The calendar will not wait and soon the PRC Cap issue will be on the move once more. We must have our answers in place as a unified Community voice.

    See you at RA, 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive next Monday at 7PM!

  • Chkitout1

    Keep electing politicians who run unopposed. Build baby build. A Mess Called Reston.

    • Arlene Krieger

      You got that right!


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