Memorial Service Set for Couple Murdered in Reston

by Fatimah Waseem December 29, 2017 at 11:00 am 33 Comments

On Saturday, a memorial service will be held for Scott Fricker, 48, and Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, the Reston couple who were shot and killed in their own home last week.

The service will begin at 10 a.m. at Herndon’s Trinity Presbyterian Church.

The couple was shot in their home on Friday, Dec. 22. Police believe a 17-year-old Lorton boy, whose identity has not been released, shot the couple and turned the gun on himself. He remains in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

One family member believes the teenage boyfriend of the couple’s daughter killed them after they learned of his Nazi views and encouraged their daughter to break up with him. The shooting took place on the 2600 block of Black Fir Court.

Fricker had a Ph.D from the University of Maryland and worked for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Kuhn-Fricker specialized in estate planning and elder law.

Police are investigating the suspect’s alleged Neo-Nazi connections.

  • TRS

    Last Friday, I was reading the local news, expecting to see what restaurants closed and are opening, to see what squabbles are in play in local politics, to see what weekend events were happening in my community when I became aware of the horror that invaded the Kuhn Fricker family a week ago today.

    Of all the moments of senseless acts of violence including the recent hate crimes and incidents in Reston, this one struck literally and figuratively close to home. I could not read the horror story that unfolded a few miles away from us, shake it off and get on with my day. In just a few paragraphs, tears welled then flowed for a family I don’t know but felt kindred. In just a few days, we have come to know the killer’s profile that mirrors countless other killers of innocents. In just a week, the story has been told around the world:

    A mother and father mowed down in their own home by an unstable angry teen who shot them in the face because they would no longer allow their daughter to date him.

    An unstable angry teen who was clearly raised in a home of hate and intolerance.

    An unstable angry teen taught to shoot a gun, and with easy access to his choice of weapon.

    An unstable angry teen with social media friends sharing similar interests in gore, horror, anger, and guns, including one with a banner as his profile photo, Black Rifles Matter.

    An unstable angry teen and his friends who lost their values, morals, ethics, compassion and compass long ago, and who now creep like rot into happy lives with the hope of sucking the hope, joy, optimism, tolerance and compassion for others so that they, too, feel the alienation, anger and thirst to hurt others who have taken whatever it is they believe they are owed.

    If you haven’t yet seen it, watch Janet Kuhn’s profound stoic, shocked response as she explains her daughter’s attempts to keep her teen away from the unstable angry boy.

    If you haven’t yet seen them, read the articles that will reveal the horrific details. Google the mother Marilyn Breedlove Giampa who “raised” the killer Nicholas Giampa and read her comments including that she’ll stomp on the face of anyone who desecrates “her” flag. Take a look at his dark, bizarre friends on Facebook. Read the obituary of Marilyn’s father, William Breedlove, who was clearly a pillar for his family. Find the short video his sister “Gina Sophia” posted a few years ago where she videos her brother who is helping a child under five years old “kill” on some stupid killing video game. Follow the clues for hints, glimpses, and moments in time that begin to explain this horror.

    As a professional, I spent a good part of my career focused on empowering youth–to give them skills, mentoring and opportunities to live a positive life.

    As an American, I have watched with incredulity how extreme and hideous attitudes have permeated our society. I have written extensively on why this is happening but I have not written from a personal perspective.

    As a mother, I increasingly stare into the dark of the night, wondering how and where to raise my children. More and more often I look into their faces with fear that no matter the planned activities intended to build character, church attendance, acts of giving and kindness, and exposure to moments that will build their character and compassion, it is their friends and relationships that they will form that are the vast unknowns.

    As we read the articles that are emerging about this horror, any one of us could have been Buckley as our daughters make their romantic choices. Parents around the world are in agreement with Buckley and Scott’s decision to intervene, and know that it was only fate’s cruel twist that took this magnificent couple, and not another couple trying to parent.

    Any one of us could have been Scott as the stepparent who assumes the thankless and often impossible role of co-parenting children who share a household and nothing more. I recall watching with horror as my husband’s 17 year-old son “fell in love” with then marry then divorce a girl who exposed him to the blood spurting skeletons, gory anime and alternative, incredibly dark viewpoints on society.

    As a “stepmother” to three children I gave up trying to know long ago, I observed mostly in silence the bad behavior, bad choices, affinity for the grotesque, gore, and aching loneliness mostly caused by entrenched, profound selfishness.

    In my teens, I could have been Amelia as I tried to make sense of society and relied on the empty promises and dark influence of angry, alienated young boys. I was utterly unprepared to draw boundaries, identify character flaws, or have the courage to walk away.

    And as concepts that most of us believed were eradicated long ago creep into our nation’s consciousness — white supremacy, Nazism, bigotry, prejudice, homophobia, and deep hatred toward others who are perceived as advancing in society at the cost of another who believed he held but lost his “rightful” place — we must:

    Make clear to children that parents will be early and ongoing involved in helping them navigate their choices in friendships and intimate relationships,

    Be conscious in encouraging the types of friendships that we believe are healthy for our children,

    Not be silent in addressing bad behavior when it is obvious and observed,

    Be deliberate in our conversations on the importance of tolerance, compassion, acceptance, kindness, and empowerment for all, and

    Be forceful that the character of another matters, and that it is the responsibility of parents to PARENT.

    • Restonlover

      So well said

    • Mike M

      Sorry, but you have a lot of hate and intolerance yourself. I think your breed of righteous hate and intolerance fuels the one on the right.

      Obviously, you are shaken by this event. That’s understandable. But compare it to what else goes on in the world and even here in the US. I ask you to consider how unusual was this event and yet why the media has chosen to sensationalize this and not the more mundane craziness. I believe there is an agenda afoot. Hate me for that?

      • Adrian Havill

        Wow. You become more warped and disgusting each day.

        • Mike M

          You are a hateful and small old man. How about you engage intelligently or not at all? Oh, and I thought you said that opinions don’t matter in here. Only yours when you become unhinged?

        • Mike M

          Angry, Adrian? Hateful?

          • reston resident

            I am glad I know you only thru the internet, Mike M, I would not want you as my next door neighbor. Your unsympathetic and insensitive comments are offensive and out of line. You seem to be little more than a Russian troll these days, especially with your ridiculous remarks about some “agenda”. Where did your humanity go?

          • Mike M

            I might just be your next door neighbor. Is he an extremely handsome fellow with two of the best dogs in the universe?

            My humanity is right here with me, even in my comments. You just don’t like my comments. Yet your only retort is an insult.

      • Merkme

        Mike M – I read your hateful and insensitive comments on prior articles about my friend Buckley’s tragic and senseless death. I let them go before, because Buckley would not have wanted us to get down to your hateful level. Please, if you have ever lost someone, be respectful and understand the tragic effect her senseless death has had on her family, friends, neighbors and clients. Unfortunately, my guess is that you are the type of person who will always want the last (hateful) word, so I will not further engage in this discussion thread. May peace be with you.

      • Willie Reston

        Mike, I’ve enjoyed sparring with you on this forum for a while, but this is a new low even by your standards. I used to say what I’m about to say in jest only now I really mean it: I think you need to seek help. You are not of sound mind, and you appear to be completely devoid of empathy. That last trait is a hallmark of very serious mental illnesses that should not go unaddressed. I’m sorry if my insults have sent you ever further down the spiral.

        • Mike M

          Willie, why can you never respond to my points and always resort to name calling? Have you nothing else?

          • The Constitutionalist

            Of course he doesn’t. That’s what makes this so fun.

  • Willie Reston

    Perhaps there should be a police presence there in light of the physical threats made by commenter Trut Tella on the post from the other day. RN won’t let me paste anything (not even a link or his quote) but you can go there and see the comments for yourself.

    • 66gardeners

      I saw the threats and even Mike M said he was screwing up which is something considering how hateful his comments usually are.

      • Mike M

        My comments are not hateful and yours are.

        • Right wing nut job

          Even by your standards Giampa was not a good Thule. Instead of promoting his race and procreate he decimated it. I cannot understand how you can promote this cause, maybe get your brain checked.

          • Mike M

            My standards? What would those be? You seem to know me better than I do. Well done.

          • The Constitutionalist

            So, you somehow, hold on — this makes me laugh too, connected Mike M’s comments to promoting Giampa’s viewpoints and are telling Mike M to get his brain checked?


  • 66gardeners

    The neonazi reston shooter’s name is Nicholas Breedlove Giampa, son of Michael and Marilyn Breedlove Giampa in Gunston Manor. They supplied their mentally disturbed son with firearms and had been doing so for years. Three months ago Nicholas mowed a swastika into a grass field belonging to his community association. When confronted, his parents said he was disturbed and they were seeking help for him. Anyone in that family to say they knew nothing of his neonazi views is lying. They all have blood on their hands.

    • Adrian Havill

      Even his grandfather who served at the Nuremberg trials after WWII.

      • Mike M

        You like looking people up because you don’t like something their grandkid did? Looking for dirt? Ever work for the DNC? It’s a lucrative business, eh? So, they say is drug dealing.

        • Adrian Havill

          Lots of assumptions there. Boy, you are one sick, fat, old man who spends his days trolling and looking for a fight.

          • Mike M

            I’m a lover, not a fighter, angry one. I am also astonishingly healthy, a lot younger than you, and not fat. You should look at your responses to my posts and tell me who is really looking for a fight, not that it would be good for you. Didn’t you once call me a “coward” for not using my real name?
            You have been very spiteful. Hateful, even. I know you can write more intelligent things than the names you call me when you see I have a different point of view. Give it a shot in 2018.

          • Adrian Havill

            Should I post your photo? Side view?

          • 66gardeners

            it’s the side of a barn. Also I’m with you, Mike M has notoriously small hands syndrome

    • Mike M

      You seem hateful. You are speaking very hatefully about the kid’s parents. It’s almost like you have had this hate pent up and were looking for an excuse to vent it. It’s like you want blood on your hands.

      The kid was seventeen and “disturbed.” Nazism was his attention-getting crutch. But I don’t think it was a factor in the murder. It was the lightening rod that got the media-programmed mom to act hatefully and “intervene” as hamfistedly as she did. It is also the media-programmed Pavlovian stimulus for lefties to howl self-righteously about this odd and tragic case.

      By the way, was the daughter also “disturbed?” How did they meet? How did they relate? Was this relationship deeply enabled before the parents knew anything about the kid? Could they have handled this a bit better? Now both families are suffering.

      • Sophia F

        Probably met at their school for disturbed children

        Allem told BuzzFeed News on Wednesday that she attended the Dominion School along with Kuhn-Fricker’s daughter and the suspect. The school’s website states that it is a “coeducational, therapeutic special education day school” for “adolescents who are experiencing emotional, learning, and/or behavioral problems that interfere with their educational development.”

        • Mike M

          Thanks. That says more than the sentences are intended to convey. About the school, both sets of parents, both kids.

  • 40yearsinreston

    Nut jobs can get guns whenever they want and this sort of tragedy shows what a sham the law is
    More blood on the hands of NRA and their political enablers
    I wish a gun which only kills the shooter was available

    • Mike M

      Would you buy it?

    • The Constitutionalist

      My God. You’re actually clinically insane.

  • 40yearsinreston

    An argument on a anonymous message board as to who is the most spiteful has no winners – just losers

  • 66gardeners

    The reston neonazi shooter’s name is Nicholas Breedlove Giampa, son of Michael and Marilyn Breedlove Giampa.


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