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Thursday Morning Notes

by Fatimah Waseem February 8, 2018 at 9:00 am 8 Comments

The Ball is Out of Reston’s Court – The United States Tennis Association is moving its headquarters from Reston to Prince William County. Plan to build a new 2023 complex are on the drawing board.  [Washington Business Journal]

Inspection Reports on Metro Flag Concerns – Are you a Metro rider? The Federal Transit Administration recently found several “radio dead zones” along the Blue and Silver lines. Some structural support pieces for gates are also showing signs of failure, the reports found. [WTOP]

Shout out to Susan Ungerer — The Herndon Rotary Club selected Ungerer as the citizen of the year. She founded Kids R First, a local nonprofit that helps get school supplies to low-income students. [The Connection]

  • Donald
    • RA Private Club

      Except for tournaments and quick start tennis the RA does not allow league play for the USTA. Instead they primite their own format, world team tennis. Given their exclusive format it appears USTA has little influence over adult tennis programs and/or related facilities.

      • Donald

        I think you missed my point. Where were this RA Board, and the powerful Reston tennis advocates when this decision by USTA (located here, in Reston) was made? This community just lost what everyone has wanted for decades.

        “USTA Mid-Atlantic, one of 17 sections of the United States Tennis Association, intends to retain “at least 10” acres of the property for its offices and tennis complex that would eventually house 40 employees as well as indoor and outdoor tennis courts, pavilions, locker rooms, concessions and other amenities. It currently employs 30 and plans to add 10 new hires at its new location.”

        What a lost opportunity! This board is so myopically focused on micromanagement it’s becoming laughable. What a shame.


        • NIMBY face off

          I dont think Reston needs 10 acres of tennis facilities. First, nobody plays serious tennis here and second, if you allow for this facility to go ahead you re automatically endorsing new and ongoing development.
          Lets be serious, this is not what the community wants.

  • Why do you bother?

    You couldn’t pay me enough to subject myself to Metro ever again.

  • Greg

    Just wait until the silver line’s ugly elevated support piers start failing in Tysons. We give them five years. The landscaping under them is already weed and litter infested if not dead from all the salt, lack of summer water, or both. Apparently irrigation was cut from the budget too.

  • CaptainObvious

    Reston has an ample supply of well-maintained outdoor tennis courts open to all our residents. Indoor facilities are very costly and would likely end up serving very few players. RA has looked at possibly adding indoor courts and couldn’t figure out how to pay for them without making them exclusives for upper income residents, not a Reston priority. That’s OK.

    • Greg

      Reston has an oversupply of outdoor tennis courts. They are paid for by Reston’s members and are used by fewer than two percent of Reston’s residents — most of whom are upper-income members.


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