Town of Herndon Seeks Feedback from Citizens and Businesses

by RestonNow.com March 19, 2018 at 1:30 pm 8 Comments

Town of Herndon officials are seeking feedback from residents and business on satisfaction with town services and programs through next month.

The town is working with Priority Metrics Group, a market research and consulting firm based in South Carolina, to seek opinions on the conditions of streets and parks, satisfaction with special events, amenities, and town facilities.

Surveys of businesses will be conducted in the same time frame and will include questions on the town’s commercial sector.

Citizens will be randomly selected for the telephone survey and results will be presented to the HerndonTown Council and on the town’s websiteThe last citizen survey was conducted nearly four years ago.

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  • Marc M

    Good luck finding the survey…

    • Walter Hadlock

      I’m a resident of the Town of Herndon. I just read the latest news from the Town. The survey is telephonic to randomly selected residents. As such, the survey is not posted. Too bad, it would be interesting to see the questions.

      • Marc M

        Thanks for sharing. What a missed opportunity for the town to collect valuable information from their residents. Phone surveys are successful with a limited demographic and will not give the town a clear picture of the resident’s sentiments.

        • Survey says!

          You say that like this wasn’t intentional. Sounds like they are shopping for new policies. “…but the people wanted it, the survey says so!”

  • Lake Anne Resident

    Why does the town of Herndon continue to make it difficult for Aslin Brewery to open a tasting room and expand brewing operations?

    • Marc M

      Last I heard, they were opening a separate tasting room closer to the center of town. The equipment layout did/does not meet fire code to operate a tasting room.

      • Overheard

        That’s not accurate. The county and the town made an error while review the businesses conctruction plans. That oversight combined with the constant complaints from their current neighbora, in regards to their popularity, parking and general uptake in business is what lead to the change in format. They have acquired property in downtown Herndon, but the town refuses to adjust an ordinance that would allow them to make beer in that zone and to make the volume of beer they need to grow as a business. There’s tons of interviews, podcast about this stuff on the web.

        • Marc M

          Good info, thank you. The town needs a solid anchor place in downtown and Aslin would be a great addition.


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