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Scaled-back Renovations to Pony Barn Pavilion Could Finish This Summer

by Fatimah Waseem March 27, 2018 at 10:15 am 4 Comments

Upgrades to the Pony Barn Pavilion, located on the corner of Steeplechase Drive and Triple Crown road, could be complete as early as this summer if Reston Association’s Design Review Board approves the project on April 9.

The latest proposal is a scaled-back version of initial concept plans originally pitched and approved in 2015. Proposed upgrades — on and off RA’s drawing board for years — include a concrete pavilion floor, information kiosk, asphalt parking lot, grill, water fountain, lighting improvements, an ADA-accessible trail and a screen structure for the bathroom.

Previous plans, formulated with the direction of the member-led Pony Barn Working Group, included an ADA playground, an observation deck, a butterfly garden and additional pathways to access the pavilion.

Chris Schumaker, RA’s capital projects operations manager, said the design proposed in 2015 would have required a major site plan because it exceeded the 2,500-square-foot disturbance limit and storm management — factors that drove the project cost beyond “acceptable limits.”

“The 2018 design is narrower scope with only a 2,300 square foot disturbance and therefore does not require a major site plan and the expenses that come with it,” Schumaker said.

The total cost of the project is expected to hover around $241,000, including $171,237 approved by the board late last year.

RA first approved $30,000 for the renovation project in 2013 and later allocated $350,000 for a major renovation project. Funds were locked up in 2016 when RA frozen major capital projects as it navigated the controversy over the Lake House purchase.

The RFP for the project is available online.

Photos via Reston Association handout

  • Pony Up

    Just last week RestonNow showcased stricter financial control for major purchases:


    As the latest proposal has “scaled down” on design features and a lowered budget of $241000 why would this be an automatic approval? Just based on what was recently promoted by RA staff we would have to revisit tgis project, its scope and related expenditures by showcasing the latest financial control workflows!!!

    And to the benefit for all those that want to do business as usual – please keep the party going!!!


  • Greg


    “Funds were locked up in 2016 when RA frozen major capital projects…”

  • Greg

    Chris Schumaker, RA’s capital projects operations manager.

    Not to be confused with Garrett Skinner, Director of Capital Improvement Planning & Projects.

    Drain. The. Swamp.

  • Mike M

    RA needs an editor?
    Boarder should be border?


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