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Trio of Office Buildings on Sunrise Valley Drive Hits The Market

by Fatimah Waseem April 2, 2018 at 2:00 pm 19 Comments

Campus at Sunrise, a three-building portfolio with nearly 254,000 square feet, is on the market for $61 million, according to recently released marketing information by Cushman & Wakefield.

The commercial real estate company is seeking buyers for the trio of buildings on 11130 Sunrise Valley Drive, 11190 Sunrise Valley Drive and 11180 Sunrise Valley Drive, which were built between 1987 and 1990 on nearly a dozen acres.

Jennifer Dietze, a senior property manager for Lincoln Property Company, said Cushman & Wakefield is currently preparing an offering memorandum. Dietze also declined to provide any other information on the sale, including why the company is seeking to shed the property.

BPG Properties, a private equity real estate company, sold Campus at Sunrise to Canada-based Grosvenor Americas, the current owner, for $63 million in 2011 — two million more than the current sale price. Soon after, the company renovated the buildings’ HVAC systems, which they said “greatly enhance the tenant experience.”

Promotional material cites the buildings’ close proximity to Wiehle-Metro East, indoor and outdoor terrace lounge areas, an on-site delicatessane and fitness center.

Eric Berkman, a representative for Cushman & Wakefield, declined to comment on the building portfolio due to a confidentiality agreement.

Photos via Cushman & Wakefield

  • TRS

    Bring it! We in the adjacent neighborhood need a small theater for indie films and puppet shows; a kids place where parents can drink wine while playing board games; a yoga studio; a grungy Irish pub/restaurant; a slam poetry venue; a visually appealing place to garden since it is impossible to plant among the trees; a pool that is open to all, not just grumpy elders who have tired of being around children; a dueling pianos bar would be nice along with return of the kebab placed displaced by the monstrosity down the road; a place to hang out around a few fire pits (shout out to this at the Wiehle metro!) during football and other games; and more pop ups! Let’s BE that community!

    • Greg

      Wouldn’t it be nice, but I spy future towers (and “workforce” housing).

      • E

        Quick, without looking it up, what’s the median income for Fairfax (aka the value workforce housing is determined by). Also, how many new apartment complexes in the area offer workforce housing at every level?

        • Greg

          What’s your point?

          Why don’t you provide evidence that supports the rights one has to “workforce” housing?

          Why don’t you provide justification as to why incompetent Fairfax County housing is providing government and housing assistance to those earning incomes in excess of $216,000 while they are exceeding eligibility and living in luxury?

          Fairfax is underwriting rents for families making well into six figures: One household getting help makes more than $216,000 a year; another, $184,000. Dozens of others — making $60,000, $70,000, $90,000 — exceed eligibility caps.

          • E

            “Why don’t you provide evidence that supports the rights one has to “workforce” housing?”

            I don’t know what evidence I need to show to prove that Fairfax County can create its own guidelines for housing and development in the county.

            Not that I see an issue with subsidized rent for anyone, but I would like to see any sources you have that show families making $216,000 can qualify for workforce housing.

          • Greg

            Did you try to deflect? Didn’t work if you did. Hint: Guidelines and rights are vastly different things.

            Google it, E, and you will find it.

            And, it’s just marvelous that you see no issue with subsidized rent for anyone. Let’s just give it to everyone, right?

            Also this.

          • E

            I’m not sure where the attempt to deflect was.

            And no, I do not have issue with subsidized housing but I do think it is very ironic of you to post a report from an Institute named after Thomas Jefferson who, along with George Mason, believed in property as a natural right.

            And that link says we should provide foreclosed houses to tenants and have the County pay the costs, which is also a great idea, and very Jeffersonian.

    • guest

      LOVE your ideas! Maybe if we get some younger and/or fresh faces on the Board, voted into office, and joining some of the Reston organizations they could be a voice in advocating for things like this. I would love to see a committee started at RA that focus on young families, regular joes, and the young adults/professionals that live in the area. Their (Our)voices are not being heard here and being drowned out by those that have special interest, an agenda, and by those older adults that think we should be seen and not heard, because after all they’ve lived here 30years.

      I would also like to add skate park for both skate boards and roller skates/blades and something else in that nature to cater to tweens and teens. We don’t have enough year round actives for youth that age to keep them busy and out of trouble.

      • Greg

        And here you are suggesting that those “older adults” who’ve been here for 30 years should be drowned out. Is that age shaming? For shame!

        Here’s an idea for ya: run for the RA board! But, please, skip the badly needed editor function here at RN.

        • guest

          You put words in my mouth! I never once said that at all!!!!! I never aged shamed anyone at all! You should be ashamed of yourself for twisting my words. If you read my statement correctly. I said “the older adults that think we should be seen and not heard and I used the statement “been here 30years, because THEY make this statement each time THEY SPEAK. I never condemned older adults or spoke ill of those living here in Reston over 30yrs. I was referring to those that are very mean striped. If you re read the statement you’ll see that it was not a blanket statement, so please stop twisting my words. I never said they should be drowned out. In face its the opposite, the younger families are the ones being drowned out and our interest not being represented.

          The “I’ve lived here 30 years” statement has also been used at pools and one tennis court in particular(this is the one I use), when they approach people asking to see “their pass” to make sure they truly belong there and state that I need to leave the court from playing with my daughter so they can play. I’ve had to give RA a call a number of times for RA to explain the rules to them and how they didn’t run the courts and pool because they’ve lived here longer than I.

          I would love to serve on a RA Board if I had the time to devote to it, but between work and family life I don’t have the time. I do email my Board members, watch the meetings via You Tube, and serve on 2 RA committees, I’m also a volunteer for the Association for nature actives they have have a few times a year(planting trees, pulling weeds, clean up, etc). So, please spare me with the statement as if I am shaming older adults or as if I don’t volunteer/serve my community.

          So, here’s an idea for you ya: run for RA board! And stop twisting my words!!!!!

    • Big Drop

      What does this comment have to do with the topic? Three office buildings on Sunrise Valley where there is a small city of available space, are now on the market.

      For a seven story rental apartment building? Certainly not a condo or a high rise office building-there’s no demand.

      Actually, perhaps everything noted by the author are exactly what will become of the three office buildings which likely will not sell.

      My apology, TRS.

      • Greg

        Methinks sarcasm.

    • Essdee

      How about a mud wrestling pit, a firing range, a taxidermy studio, a drag strip and a motorcycle /cyclo-cross wall of death.

      • TRS

        You clearly voted for Trump. You might wish to move to West Virginia.

  • Why do you bother?

    “Trio of Office Buildings on Sunrise Valley Drive Hit The Market”

    Trio is singular. HITS the market.

    • Greg

      Something’s not right with this one?

      “..declined to comment on building portfolio due…”

      • Why do you bother?

        Yeah, ON the ….

  • MAGA



  • Delicate eating

    D-e-l-i-k-a-t e-s-s-e-n

    Stupid phrase but meaning exactly the oppossite. Correct spelling would help. If intentional perhaps check with HR for diversity training remix.


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