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Tuesday Morning Notes

by RestonNow.com April 10, 2018 at 9:00 am 13 Comments

The hunt for HQ2  The Fairfax-Loudoun bid could become one of the hottest tickets in town if Amazon becomes its anchor tenant. [Washington Business Journal]

All aboard Reston Station — Changes proposed to Comstock’s massive Reston Station project head to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for consideration today. [Reston Now]

A job for you — A free teen job fair and resume building workshop is set forSaturday, April 21 at South Lakes High School. [The Connection]

Photo by Bako Glonti

  • Density Party

    “Hottest ticket in town”

    My friend worked for A and he said it was a sweat shop. I think JB doesnt want us unless we give him tax breaks, plenty of nature to destroy and easy access to the airport. Its clear our elected leaders will bow to his demands and give whatever he wants.

    Women, hang onto your pussy hats.

    • 30yearsinreston

      They should be paying us for the services and infrastructure
      The losers will be the residents

      • Mike M

        You see that. I see that? Why don’t our elected officials see that?

        • Conservative Senior

          Because they don’t care. Keep electing the same jerks & this is what you get<

  • John Farrell

    It nothing less than cruel to make the RA candidates wait until the end of tonight’s annual meeting to find out the results of the election. They are going to have to sit through a series of politicians mouthing platitudes that they don’t believe while the candidates’ nerves get frayed.

    There are 13 candidates for 4 seats, meaning 9 of them are going to lose? Is the Elections Committee going to have cameras on all 13 so we can see their reactions posted on Youtube?

    What is this a game show?

    In past year’s the candidates were told the results a day or more before the annual meeting so that they could process the information and decide whether to appear or appeal.

    Apparently the Elections Committee was upset that, last year, RestonNow broke the results before the annual meeting stealing the Committee’s limelight. How completely petty.

    This isn’t the first time that the Elections Committee has bee abusive of candidates. Running for RA Board is expensive and time consuming enough without subjecting these volunteers to this kind of abuse.

    It has got to stop.

    • cRAzy

      Actually, they will know ahead of time, but it’s still kind of stupid to wait.

      • Bob Crachet

        No they don’t and no they won’t.

        The Elections Committee members are emphatic that the candidates will know when everyone else does.

        Just plain petty.

        • Mike M

          It’s exactly the way I would expect smart and hip Junior High students to run it. The game show analogy is spot on.

          • OneReally

            But you know now a days that would be bullying. We couldn’t have 4 winners and 9 losers. We would need everyone to win.

  • Anonymous

    Please do not link to web sites (like Washington Business Journal) that require a paid subscription without including a notification that the link is behind a paywall. It just wastes people’s time to click the link and then find that there is no useful information there.

    • Universal Truth

      The Service will at times place and/or store code or other types of information and/or devices (e.g., “cookies”) on your computer, mobile or other device (“Local Device Storage”). We may use Local Device Storage for any lawful business purpose, including without limitation to determine which of our messages have been opened by recipients so we can gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, to control the display of ads, to track usage patterns, the movements of individual users, and your geographic location, to help diagnose problems with our servers, to gather broad demographic information, to analyze trends, to conduct research, to deliver editorial content, to record registration and personalization information, and to otherwise administer the Service….


    • JoeInReston

      For a measly $115 – a fraction of the Reston Assocation per household annual dues – you can get access the Washington Business Journal.

      And that’s not all you get, if you act now… actually, that is all you get..

    • OneReally

      @Restonnow.com Please take the hint on this one. I believe this is the third or forth time someone has comment about this issue.


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