RCA: ‘With No Mayor or City Council, Serve on the Reston Citizens Association’

by RestonNow.com May 8, 2018 at 12:00 pm 20 Comments

This letter was submitted by members of the Reston Citizens Association. It does not reflect the opinions of Reston Now. We publish article and opinion contributions of specific interest to the Reston community. Contributions may be edited for length or content.

If you live in Reston, you surely know that it is a world-renowned master-planned community. Back in 1967, when people realized there would be no mayor or city council for our community, concerned citizens created the Reston Community Association (RCA) to represent its citizens and to monitor and encourage responsible development. Now called the Reston Citizens Association, RCA is still the only community-wide, non-partisan, and action-oriented organization in which everyone that lives, works and plays in Reston has a voice.

Want to take an active role in the future of Reston? Run for a seat on the RCA board!

There are eight seats available in the 2018 elections.  To run for a director seat, you must live in Small Tax District 5, be a Reston resident 18 years or older, and must live in the district which you plan to represent.  Elections will be held from June 7 to June 22 for four district seats and four at-large seats for its Board of Directors.

As a member of the RCA Board of Directors, you will interact with the community on the issues that impact them, meet with county and other local officials, and report on public meetings. You will collect information, provide analysis and, based upon feedback received from the public, inform various local organizations and news outlets directly about public expectations for outcomes on issues that affect Reston.

Your completed application must be sent to [email protected] by May 30. Terms begin at the June 25 board meeting. Download an application online.

Questions? Contact the Reston Citizens Association Election Committee at [email protected]. Learn more at RCAreston.com.

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  • Donald

    How many people voted in RCA’s last election?

    Cannot find any official counts for prior board elections. Is this due to lack of transparency, lack of good governance, or just not caring to inform?


  • 30yearsinreston

    Is rescue reston going to nominate candidates ?

  • RCA troll

    RCA is a toothless, pointless joke and ought to be disbanded.

    It refuses to play an advocacy role in Reston land use matters having first jettisoned the P&Z Committee and later exiling Reston 20/20.

    Voter(?) participation consists predominately of the candidates’ nearest and dearest and people wandering into the community center during the election period for swim classes.

    Now that RA has abdicated its advocacy role, CPR, Rescue Reston and Restore Reston, while each having their flaws, are much more representative voices of Restonians.

    Other than providing an ego boost for the folks elected to its Board, exactly what purpose does RCA serve? What power or influence does it have? This OPEd fails to address that exitential question.

    • 30yearsinreston

      So run for the Board and change its policy

      • Donald

        Why? What has RCA done for Reston in the last 10 years? The last 20?

        RCA Troll (above) said best … participation consists predominately of the candidates’ nearest and dearest and people wandering into the community center during the election period for swim classes…

        Best to put time and effort elsewhere, with groups having impact.


        • guest

          Which groups are you referring to? RCA, Rescue Reston and Reston 20/20 are working together as CPR. Rescue Reston has RCA connections. What groups do you think are having an impact? If none, start your own.

        • 30yearsinreston

          what have you done ?

          • Donald

            I’d like my questions answered first:

            How many people voted in RCA’s last election? Cannot find any official counts for prior board elections.

            What has RCA done for Restonn in the last 10 years? The last 20?


          • guest

            Read the bylaws.

            What have you done in the last 10 years?

          • Donald

            I’ll ask again: How many people voted in RCA’s last election? Cannot find any official counts for prior board elections.


          • guest

            Each year, the Class of Directors for that corresponding year will come
            up for election. RCA will solicit
            candidates to run for those seats and conduct a public election if there is
            more than one candidate for any of those seats.
            For seats that have received only one qualified applicant, the Board of
            Directors shall appoint that uncontested candidate as a member of the RCA Board
            representing that district.


            Unfilled vacancies for
            at-large and district seats after annual elections shall be filled within 90
            days of the completion of the annual election through appointments made by the remaining
            Directors. The terms served by such
            appointed Directors shall be the same as the Class that remained unfilled.


            Will you submit an application?

          • Donald

            You did not answer the question.


          • guest

            I don’t know. Ask RCA if you want to know this.

          • Bill

            You won’t get an answer from him, he just likes to spout of ideas and criticize others without actually doing any work

    • guest

      RCA is part of CPR.

      • Donald

        And what does that mean?


    • cRAzy

      1. RCA was the most active community group in opposing developer density excesses during the RMPTF period. It is now an active participant in CPR.
      2. Actually, the supervisor took control of the RP&Z because it was becoming such an effective voice for Restonians.
      3. Reston 20/20 left on its own, giving it a freer hand in dealing with land use planning issues.

      Over the years, no Reston organization (including RA) has been more effective in addressing Reston land use and planning issues that RCA, a role it is still playing.

      • 30yearsinreston

        Hudgins should be fired

  • Constance (Connie) Hartke

    I’ve been on the RCA board since 2013. Please look around the RCA website, including the Reston 411 series, to get a bit more familiar with RCA. I hope there are some hard workers in the community who will pitch in to make a difference!

    Here are my goals from my first application in 2013 – not curing all ills, just contributing what I can:

    “My objective is to help Restonians make informed decisions when it is time to vote or otherwise take a side on matters of import to the furtherance/progression of the Reston community. I want to pick a few key projects in Reston and work as a team to thoroughly understand all aspects and then take this understanding and net it out in an easy to understand format for those who don’t have the time to fully examine the issue. I believe my past experience interfacing between software/hardware engineering and high end decision makers will contribute toward this goal.”

    • John Farrell

      What does that even mean?


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