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New Hotel Approved in Lake Fairfax Business Park

by Fatimah Waseem May 16, 2018 at 2:30 pm 20 Comments

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved plans Tuesday to replace surface parking in Lake Fairfax Business Park with a four-story hotel.

The 138-room hotel, proposed by TH Holding Company, would be built next to the headquarters of Thompson Hospitality (1741 Business Center Drive), TH Holding’s retail food and facilities management company.

TH Holding Company plans to provide 299 parking spaces, including 149 spots for hotel guests and employees. An outdoor terrace will be adjacent to the hotel’s main entrance.

Under requested rezoning approvals, the hotel will be subject to its own zoning and permit regulations, separate from Lake Fairfax Business Park. The Planning Commission unanimously approved the project on May 3, with one member abstaining from a vote.

Photo via Fairfax County Government, Google Maps

  • 30yearsinreston

    what a surprise
    There is no excuse for putting Hudgins on the bus

    • Why do you bother?

      ” putting Hudgins on the bus”


      • 30yearsinreston

        The bus that takes her off the FCBOS

        • Why do you bother?


        • Anonymous Person

          You’re only saying that because she’s a person of color. Your bus talk is racist.

          • Conservative Senior

            That was only said because she is useless & doesn’t represent us! If everything is racist then nothing is racist.

          • 30yearsinreston

            get a life mr PC – or is that racist as well ?

      • The Constitutionalist

        You’ve never heard the old saying, no excuse for putting someone on the bus?

        And you call yourself cultured.

        • Drive By Critic

          If we had to put all the BoS and their hacks and enablers on the bus, it would be standing room only…

          (btw, by getting “on the bus”, or being “put on the next bus leaving town” , etc. I know you don’t mean being a fan of the Grateful Dead, which has become a colloquialism in some circles.)

          • Why do you bother?

            Thank you. Had I known, I’d have asked my brother, the extreme Deadhead.

          • The Constitutionalist

            I’m sorry but a long ago, the term standing room only, when used in reference to a bus, became racist. Please never say that again.

            (And, yeah, ha ha, clearly I knew that, okay?)

        • OneReally

          He wanted to imply that 30 was a bigot or racist.

        • Why do you bother?

          I don’t believe I ever called myself cultured.

          And no, I’ve never heard it.

          • The Constitutionalist

            It was sarcasm. You know, locker room talk.

  • OneReally

    Another rubber stamp approval!

    Funny when the county puts up those yellow board signs (Public meeting). It might as well be a pink slip for the property.

    • 30yearsinreston

      It won’t change till Hudgins/Bulova get the pink slip

      • OneReally

        Yea both need to go.

  • Greg

    Looks like a prison.

    • OneReally

      “Looks like a machine gun!” KP

  • Airbnb Central

    The architecture blows my mind, its like out of Leonardo da Vincis playbook when he attended the first ever drink and paint workshop.


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