Fairfax County Board to Consider Three Major Development Proposals

by RestonNow.com July 30, 2018 at 1:30 pm 24 Comments

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will vote on three major mixed-use and office projects in Reston tomorrow (July 31).

The development proposals include data centers at Sunrise Technology Park, additions to RTC West, and Boston Properties’ Reston Gateway project.

CoreSite hopes to bring data centers to a 21-acre office park on the south side of Sunrise Valley Drive. The plan was unanimously approved by the Fairfax County Planning Commission in late June.

The second proposal is by Brookfield Property Partners for its major Reston Crescent Development. The project will also be the future home of Wegmans and an athletic field may be conveyed to the county as part of the proposal. 

Last but not least is Boston Properties’ Reston Gateway project, which aims to bring 2.2 million square feet of office space, a 570-room hotel and nearly 2,010 residential units to the door of Metro and to the border of Reston Town Center. The project is also the future home of Fannie Mae.

All projects were approved by the planning commission. A public hearing will be held prior to votes on any proposals.

Handouts via Fairfax County Government

  • Big Drop

    As I noted in another thread the two developments on Sunset Hills, RTC West and Reston Gateway, will add four buildings 300’ or greater in height including a Signature 420’ Fannie Mae tower and at least nine additional buildings of 20 or more stories. There are currently four in Town Center with the tallest approximately 275’.

    There could be even more depending on future development.

    I note this because “greater” Town Center will literally be a city probably more than doubling in size with a very real skyline. Other than the east/west subway what else is going to move people and traffic around this nearly mile square core? It is a half mile walk from the subway to Balducci’s, further from the Harrison House to Cooper’s Hawk.

    Will people walk? Or will they drive? Or ride a nonexistent monorail?

    With nine more 20-30 story towers and eight + million square feet of new space, shops and apartments how will traffic move around and through this?

    • vdiv

      Perhaps they can link the buildings with sky bridges or zip lines 😉

      Autonomous pods? Give everyone an electric scooter? Underground rubber tire trains akin to the airport? Loop/hyperloop pneumatic tubes (call Elon)?

      • Karin Schuster

        i understand they walk a lot in arlington-it’s a very healthy city.

    • 30yearsinreston

      They will be riding bikes
      Thats why all the lanes havebeeb painted
      Besides, Hudgins has assured us that infrastructure is not necessary

      • James

        I challenge you to post something on this site without calling the spirit of your #1 boogeywoman, Hudgins.

        • 30yearsinreston

          Petition Denied!

        • 30yearsinreston

          Petition denied!

    • Mike M

      Oops! They forgot!

    • Pamela G

      This is what happens in a Metropolitan regions, as regentrification within the major cities prices out people living in those cities. They then start to spread to the nearest suburbs, and those suburbans have to prepare for the influx of new people moving into the area. This then increases our property values, ultimately. You’re all very lucky to be in a prosperous and wonderful location, stop kvetching! Yes, there will be much more ability to walk to many more places, quickly and easily. I will love not having to drive to Town Center for majority of restaurants and other venues. But then, I’m born and raised in Manhattan!

      • Big Drop

        Our house was assessed by Fairfax County for less this year (2018) than in 2006. It would have sold for less, too.

      • 30yearsinreston

        That is a load of BS
        There are lots of examples of towns where this doesn’t happen because the residents didnt want it

        • Pamela G

          You’re right. But many of those places are just not as great as Reston is. It’s a magnet.

      • Mike M

        Just like Tysons Corner, right Pollyanna?
        And should residents have any say in what becomes of their community?

        • Pamela G

          First of all, my name is not Pollyanna. Would you like it if I called you Mickey Mouse? 2nd of all, yes, residents get to have a say. You’re having your say. I’m having my say. What will be will be, regardless. Go ahead and fight for your rights, I’m not stopping you.

          • Reston1

            Perhaps a quick search on ‘Pollyanna’ is in order here.

      • 30yearsinreston

        Not true!
        There are plenty of examples of cities where the residents did not allow this to happen
        For example, Bethesda is not ruined by iconic towers

      • JoeInReston

        “Yes, there will be much more ability to walk to many more places, quickly and easily”

        Certainly those who live near the Town Center will have more walkability. Not sure how somebody that lives 20191 or 20194 will benefit. Too far to walk, too congested to drive, and expensive and much less available parking.

        • Pamela G

          I was speaking about the spread. For example, I live at South Lakes and Reston Pkwy. The Crescent project will be at Sunrise Valley and Reston Pkwy. I LOVE that I’ll be able to walk 2 blocks to Wegman’s, and to all the new restaurants and shops that will open there. People who live in the new homes there will be able to walk to and from Wegman’s, no need for car or even bicycle.

  • Greg

    When is the Sprint property next to Herndon-Monroe up for redevelopment? How tall will it go?

  • Why do you bother?

    The real development will be permanent gridlock – no one will be able to go anywhere.

  • Mike M

    Approved! Next!

    • No surprise here

      I dont think “Approved!” needs an exclamation mark, no surprise here – people voted for this.

      As for “Next”, I think RA will fall lock step into latest developments because all these new memberships are too hard to resist.

      • Reston1

        Nope. RA gets nothing from this. Every one of these new residents would be within Town Center Proper. RA doesn’t get a dime from them and has no control or oversight.

  • JoeInReston

    Reston was designed to be “Live, Work, Play”. The eventual layout may undo that viability of that model.

    Suppose you work somewhere in an around the Reston Town Center. It might be quicker and easier to live in Herndon – where it will be less dense – and commute via the Metro than to live in Reston and drive south from North Point or drive north from Hunter’s Woods.


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