Nearly 1,000 Registered for This Month’s Century Ride

by Fatimah Waseem August 7, 2018 at 1:30 pm 12 Comments

The Reston Bicycle Club’s annual century ride is gearing up for a strong start. Nearly 1,000 people have registered for the 36th annual ride, which will take place on August 26 from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Registration is limited to 1,500 riders. Early registration ended yesterday (August 6), general registration is open through August 18 for $60. Check-in at the beginning of the ride is not required and a wristband will be mailed to registrants. On the day of the event, registration is open for $75 only between 6:30 and 10 a.m.

A map of the routes is available online. In addition the 100-mile “Century” ride, participants can take part in the “Metric” (62 miles) or “Half-Metric (31 miles). The event will be held rain or shine.

For more information about the event, email [email protected] or follow the Reston Bicycle Club on Facebook.

  • Mike M

    Please remember:
    1) Stop signs mean Stop!
    2) Pedestrians are people too.

    • Greg

      3) Cursing and flipping the bird do no good. And, they are offensive, discourteous, and boorish.

      • W&OD

        4) weaving in between baby carriages, walking families and seniors is also considered disrespectful, especially if done at speeds > 30mph

        • 30yearsinreston

          But they think they OWN the road ☺

      • 30yearsinreston

        Not to mention sartorially challenged

  • LisaR

    Please remember:
    1. MikeM is a troll
    2. MikeM should try riding a bike sometime.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Please remember
      1.lycra louts don’t own the road and contribute road taxes to their upkeep

      2. Cyclists dont have liability insurance, so they are personally responsible for damage

      • Wheels

        Please remember:
        1. Road user fees pay for less than half the costs of the roads. Google it. Personally owned autos are the most subsidized mode of transportation in the US.
        2. Nearly everyone who’s riding a bike also pays taxes on their car, home and sales tax, etc. This is what pays for roads.
        3. Car and homeowners insurance cover cyclists.
        4. It’s not Hudgins fault all of the time.

        • 30yearsinreston

          Please remember
          1.bike louts pay zero extra for roads. Vehicle users pay a lot more than bikes. There are no taxes or fees on bikes or bike use, but car attract a horde of them
          2.bike lanes arent free neither are the roads
          3. Not all bikers have car or home insurance
          4. Apart from Hudgins, who else runs Fairfax County. KP is AWOL

          • Sorry

            Lets make woonfers free for all.

        • Mike M

          Roads designed by cars absolutely shaped out community into what it is and where we chose to live with the biggest investment of most of our lives. This investment benefits and shapes our economy fundamentally. Bike lanes and others add-ons for bikes run contrary to community design, increase safety hazards, and benefit the very few, even though we all pay for them. Your arguments are going nowhere in the logical world.

    • Mike M

      1. Please define “troll” and describe how that fits me.
      2. Done.
      3. Looked for your comments on the bike strike story. You were AWOL.


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