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Paid Parking Pushes Obi Sushi Out of Reston Town Center

by Catherine Douglas Moran December 21, 2018 at 4:15 pm 31 Comments

Obi Sushi Japanese Bistro will shutter its doors tomorrow (Dec. 22) after 14 years at Reston Town Center.

Although the restaurant at 1771 Library Street is closing, the Herndon location at 2415-B2 Centreville Road will remain open, an employee told Reston Now.

The employee said that ever since Boston Properties, RTC’s owner, implemented paid parking, the restaurant has seen the number of customers dwindle. The employee added that the paid parking has also impacted other businesses by driving away patrons.

No specific time tomorrow for the closing has been announced yet.

Photo via Google Maps

  • 30yearsinreston

    The boycott is working RTC is a ghost town
    The only buzz is in rhe watering holes after sunset

  • Big Drop

    We are not boycotting Town Center. We just no longer go there. To park on the street you MUST use your cell phone and an app. To park in a garage in the daytime is complicated with either the app or a machine that similarly wastes my time.

    You must go through eight or nine steps on the app and six or seven at a machine.

    Elsewhere I simply park and walk.

    No boycott-just no longer any interest in Town Center.

    • TommyR

      I agree, 100% correct, couldn’t of said it any better.

    • 30yearsinreston

      Dont forget the spying

      • PondViewer


        • 30yearsinreston

          the app is spyware

          it tracks eveyrthing on your phone including location

          • Klint Eastwood Hormann

            Uninstalled ty

    • the point stands

      that’s kind of the definition of a boycott but okay

  • RC

    The only headline I want to see is “Paid parking Pushes Boston Properties Out of Reston Town Center.”

    • ByeByeBPatRTC

      A great solution!! What are we up to now, something like 22 businesses driven out by BP’s App-driven paid parking scheme?!? How about boycotting all RTC activities?

  • Freepark

    BP we have said it for years now, people use to go to town center for fun. Now we all avoid it. If I were you I’d put a big sign up that says free parking, come and have fun again.

  • Tim D

    Once people change their habits, they don’t change back.

    Both the app and the parking now define RTC – I hear it all the time from people who used to come here to shop and dine but no longer do.

    • Why do you bother?

      If RTC were to revert to 100% free parking, I would go back.

  • Kim C

    I’m very sorry for the businesses in RTC, we used to go once or twice a month for dinner or lunch, but literally been there once this year. BP ruined RTC, and i wish the residents of Reston could sue their pants off!!!

  • Edward H

    Kinda sad. I loved Obi sushi AND RTC…but I can’t be bothered to pay to park. Thanks Boston Properties for ruining everything.

  • Definitely parallels my own behavior — pretty much never go to RTC any longer due to the parking hassle. With so many other options that don’t have the parking hassle, it just isn’t worth it.

  • Bpsucks

    I am all about breaking news to Reston now; broke this story, pottery barn, Williams-Sonoma. And now up, hen penny. Closing the 30th of December. Greg, about that profitable real estate? Really?! Profitable. Lmao!!

    • the 1900s called

      your stream of consciousness reads like a telegraph ticker.

  • Chkitout1

    With stores struggling more and more to compete against online shopping, only a foolish company like BP would implement paid parking. RTC will continue to see a decline in businesses who elect to relocate to more business friendly areas.

  • 30yearsinreston

    Big signs on the garages :
    Free Holiday Parking
    Too little, too late

    • Why do you bother?

      Didn’t see them, as no RTC for me.

  • Mikey B

    I used to love frequenting the Reston town center. Im not ever going back. These politicians have to steal every ounce of joy out of our lives with there greed. I discovered this new system a month ago. Its confusing. The instructions are vague. If you dont pay there fine they will put a boot on your car. Then you are paying hundreds of dollars!
    What a Ponzi scheme!

    • Why do you bother?

      This has nothing to do with politicians. RTC is privately owned.

      • Mikey B

        Where do you think the money goes and who let them operate in the town center?

        • Why do you bother?

          Your question makes no sense. RTC is a privately owned facility. It owns the land it sits on and collects rent from its merchants. The rent goes in BP’s pocket, just as the money would go into your pocket if you rented your house to someone.

          • Mikey B

            The streets are owned by the U.S government. They allowed this to happen to collect more tax revenue . Sorry dude

          • Why do you bother?

            Sorry, dude, but everything on RTC property is owned by RTC – including the streets. See also: PRIVATE PROPERTY.

          • Dennis Michael

            The US Government doesn’t own streets anywhere for the most part except within government installations and national parks and RTC is neither. The entirety of RTC is private property.

  • Natalie Bryant

    You are disliked Boston properties by our community you have ruined a good thing!

  • Alan D

    IMHO, here is where all of you so inclined should be expressing your concerns: http://ir.bostonproperties.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=120176&p=irol-govBio&ID=186918

    There must be hundreds if not thousands of articles and community comments about what a colossally stupid, revenue sucking, business and job destroying implementation of paid parking at RTC was, and BXP let’s the carnage continue, I wonder how much of this is being communicated directly to the BXP leadership? Are they aware? Do they not care a whit? Are they looking at spreadsheets and dreaming up other reasons why RTC is going downhill, at an accelerating pace? The widespread avoidance of RTC by young and old is going to take a long to reverse, if ever.

    I’m just too confused. Even the dates for the “free parking” banner is commplicated. Anything that requires a picture for future reference or studying, or worse yet, planning around, is just DUMB. BXP has either the smartest people in the world, or the dumbest. Time will tell. In the short term, they look pretty dumb! How many more business failures, or non-renewed leases will i take???

  • Steve Patz

    Never been, but how much could parking be? Like a buck?


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