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Hen Penny Restaurant Set to Close in Reston Town Center on Sunday

by Catherine Douglas Moran December 26, 2018 at 3:00 pm 26 Comments

Hen Penny will close its doors on Sunday in Reston Town Center roughly 20 months after it opened.

Hen Penny, a spinoff of Pheast Food Group’s Hen Quarter restaurants in Alexandria, Va. and Silver Spring, Md., opened at 1820 Discovery Street in April 2017.

An employee told Reston Now that Dec. 30 is the final day for the restaurant. The employee did not know what prompted the decision to close the location.

Hen Penny has another location in New York City.

Last Saturday (Dec. 22), another restaurant closed in RTC, citing paid parking as one of the main causes behind the closure.

  • Bpsucks

    Told ya! (Ready to hire me as a researcher restonnow?) Standing by for comment from Greg about how their furniture… oh, wait… standing by from comment from Greg about the most profitable… oh, wait… Greg, that third rate b school is really serving you and Boston Properties well!

    • Mike M

      So, what’s the scoop on the old house at the intersection of Hunter Mill and Hunter Station being razed?

      • Bpsucks

        Termites. Actually, no idea. Sorry… however, it is likely Boston Properties has caused some harm to the property. Perhaps trying to implement paid parking for the bike trail across the street?

    • James

      I like you.

      • Bpsucks

        Aww, James. I like you too! (Provides you don’t work for Boston Properties!)

  • Chkitout1

    Boston Properties will sacrifice the companies that lease commercial space from them in exchange for paid parking. Good luck with that one BP.

    • John

      People tend to overlook the fact that turnover is always good for the property owners in this area because it allows them to lease the space to a new tenant at a higher rate than the existing tenant.

      If they had trouble finding tenants that would be a different story. But having a long term tenant means the tenant is paying what was the market rate a year, two years or many years ago. Any new leases will be at the current market rates now.

      • Think long term

        Do you (or, better yet, BP) expect the market rate for leases to continue to go forever upward even when RTC becomes a ghost town? Why on earth would any business owner pay through the nose to move into an area where there are hardly any other businesses? A receding tide lowers all ships.

      • I think assuming that market rates are increasing at RTC may be a mistake

        • John

          Well, they *should* be increasing along with the commercial rates in other parts of the region. But of course their pay parking policy and other ham-handed policies are probably hampering that.

      • Chazz

        You must work for BP… there have been business in RTC that have had to close due to the LACK of Foot traffic during the week to sustain the traffic on the weekends. You just don’t also get that just beyond the new Reston Metro station is another mixed use office, retail and shopping experience. BP does not own that , so if BP wants more tenants to go there then your employer BP is doing the right thing. Raising the rates and charging for parking. I guess they only think that RTC will be the only game in Reston, how sad they are in thier assumptions. https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/news2/newly-approved-reston-crescent-development-includes-wegmans/

  • Amy Sue

    Wow, what’s happening to the town center? I’m totally out of the loop since I’ve barely been there since they instituted paid parking. RTC was really nice when it first opened years ago but the novelty has worn off. I think it’s probably nice for tourists but too much cheap and sparkly fakeness for me.

    • Tired of BP

      It’s Boston Properties greed: paid parking. That is all. It’s got nothing to do with novelty. Shops and restaurants that closed were not necessarily cheap – – or sparkly.

    • restonRunner

      Paid parking happened. When the initial change was made for paid parking, the consumers voted with their wallets. Not wanting to be burdened withs apps on their phones, concerns about privacy, validating parking, etc; they found alternatives.

      When BP tried to pivot (too little and too late) the damage was done. People had found new places to eat and drink. New places to shop. And the thought of navigating the hoops of RTC were still too much.

      Now as time as gone on it’s become more evident that consumers are just not going to back to RTC.

      I am only one data point in a far too small sample size. However, I went from being at RTC multiple times a week to once or twice a year.

      • Chazz

        Agreed and as you can tell it looks like all the fun that used to be RTC is leaving one month at a time. I doubt that local merchants are smart enough to know that RTC and this BP location is the only one in the area that seems to change for parking when there was none before. Tyson’s does not charge for parking because they know that if they did they would go under. I used to go 3..4 times a week for lunch and some shopping and the Ockoberfest during the Fall and the Ice Rink during the winter. Now that was fun and free parking all the time. That sense of community is gone, thank you BP. Looking forward to the new Cresent Property across the other side of the Metro..https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/news2/newly-approved-reston-crescent-development-includes-wegmans/

  • 30yearsinreston

    Another business sacrificed by BPX
    The replacements wont last long

  • Aaron Hines

    Town centers dumb. If only they aimed to be more attractive on a national scale. More jobs, more money, more happiness

  • Big Drop

    Vacant restaurants as of 1/1/19: HenPenny, M & S Grill, Sushi restaurant, Italian in the high rise. There are a half dozen more retail vacancies as well. At some point the complicated paid parking will impact office leasing. Town Center is taking a huge hit from Cooper’s Hawk, Nando’s and what will be a total of seven adjacent-all with free parking and literally park and walk-no app, no fee, no hassle.

    Addendum: I hope they advertise this: “no app, no fee, no hassle.”

    • Nic Watson

      Also the former Thai place and the former Greek place near the fountain.

      • Bpsucks

        Unfortunately for the new lessors (they will likely never recuperate their build out costs), those two have leased. Greek is now Italian, Thai is now ramen.

  • ThrowAway
  • timd66md

    BP has killed the Golden Goose. And it’s not coming back.

  • Chazz

    This is just disappointing, I don’t think BP gets it…nor will they. They have made going to RTC depressing and down right unpleasant. With their parking guards on every corner and the supervisor driving around in a golf cart. Obi is gone with The Hen and others will follow. RTC is BPs cash cow…they will start to feel the pinch soon and soon there will be greener pasture across the street.

    • GreenVillage

      Def agree that the parking guards are not a good look. Bright yellow vests. I can’t…

  • ZP

    OMG I’M SO SAD 🙁 This place had the best fried chicken in the DMV! HANDS DOWN!


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