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Postponed Strategic Plan Meeting Resolves PRC Vote Conflict

by Catherine Douglas Moran February 11, 2019 at 10:45 am 4 Comments

The meeting conflict between Fairfax County’s Strategic Plan meeting and the scheduled decision on a contentious zoning ordinance has been resolved.

The public meeting on Fairfax County’s Strategic Plan was recently rescheduled to March. It was originally scheduled for Thursday (Feb. 13) — the same date as the county’s Planning Commission meeting, which will include a vote on a proposed zoning ordinance that would increase the population density in parts of Reston.

Now, the meeting in Reston — one of four community engagement events on the county’s strategic planning process — will take place from 7-8:30 p.m. on Monday, March 4.

The free meeting will be organized into moderated conversation groups of residents from nearby communities, and locals will have opportunities to share their thoughts and experiences “that will be used to help shape a countywide strategic plan,” the event description says. The meeting is set to take place at the Reston Community Center (2310 Colts Neck Road).

The strategic planning process has six phases outlined on the county’s website.

The first phase started in November to develop a project approach and community engagement plan started and was completed in January. The second phase — community engagement — is set to run through March to seek input and come up with a draft of priorities around seven to 10 areas.

Then, the strategic planning process will shift to defining those priorities in March and April before returning for community input from April to July. The Strategic Plan will then get developed from the summer until the end of the year before seeking adoption from the county’s Board of Supervisors at the start of 2020.

Meanwhile, the Planning Commission is set to finally weigh in on the contentious population density proposal this Thursday, after delaying a vote following a five-hour-long public hearing on Jan. 23.

The proposed amendment to the zoning ordinance would increase the maximum allowed population per acre in the Planned Residential Community (PRC) district — Reston’s primary zoning district — from 13 persons to any number up to 15, along with allowing residential development at a density of up to 70 dwelling units per acre in certain areas.

Images via Fairfax County/Eventbrite and Reston Association/YouTube

  • fact

    well, it appears a decision was made Feb07. check the meeting notes! it appears that density was set to 14 conditionally and 13-15 in general terms. this restriction does not apply to certain categories such as workforce housing.


    existing and approved: 9913
    revised planned units: 8764
    revised total units: 18677

    • Reston Now

      I don’t see any meeting notes for Feb. 7. And the schedule says it is set for a vote on Feb. 13

      • nested pdf

        click the link. see feb2019 meetings. click

        in pdf see

        Application Applicant Staff PC Action
        Z. O. Amendment Article 6 – Density Provisions for L. Johnson
        (Countywide) Reston PRC District R. Coyle (P/H from 1/23/19)
        (Hart) C. Belgin

        click again… another pdf. you will see the recommendation and conclusion of the planning commission.

        basically Reston will double in size base on development in transit corridors but i let you draw your own conclusions.

    • Umust B Kidding

      Fact–I think you’re looking at the staff report on why the PRC amendment should be adopted.


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