Reston, VA

Pet of the Week: Mork

Meet Mork, a senior Domestic Short Hair and Tabby mix available for adoption locally.

Here is what his friends at Little Buddies Adoption and Humane Society have to say about him:

Mork is playful and loving. Playing rollerball, where he hits a ball around a track, is his favorite game, and he is a prodigy at it. He can do it lying down, sitting up, using either paw, and lying down with his paw over his head. He even has a tri-level rollerball game which he loves.

Mork took readily to games on a tablet; in fact, he became a high scorer within minutes. Mork can fool his automatic feeder into letting food down by playing with the mechanism. Mork prefers romaine lettuce over iceberg. If you cut up romaine lettuce he’ll come from anywhere in the house.

Mork will sit by you and purr in your ear. He will also sit in your lap. Mork is about ten years old and is in great health.

Are you and Mork a match?


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