Reston, VA

Meet Mr. Ginger, Reston’s latest Pet of the Week. Mr. Ginger is a sweet, gentle 14-year-old fella looking for a quiet home.

Here’s what his friends at Fancy Cats Rescue Team had to say about him:

Mr. Ginger is a tall 14-year-old kitty with a sweet, gentle personality. He willingly adjusts to petting, combing, trimming (his claws) and even vet check-ups. He likes to lean in to have his muzzle stroked and combed and requests more attention with a gentle tap, tap, tap of his paw.

Mr. Ginger enjoys a quiet environment with a regular feeding and petting routine or curled up in a warm, cozy place in the company of his people. As an older cat, Mr. Ginger has a sensitive stomach, which has been managed well with a wet cat food specifically designed for sensitive kitty tums. Catching outdoor critters makes him sick, so indoors is best for Mr. Ginger. He also has a little arthritis in his right hip but is still quite spry and can jump up into a lap or chair.

Are you and Mr. Ginger the perfect match?


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