Report: Reston Silver Line Commuters Will Pay Much More

by Karen Goff June 10, 2014 at 4:30 pm 2,259 8 Comments

Wiehle-Reston East Metro StationCommuters who plan on replacing a bus-Metro combo with a straight shot on the new Silver Line should plan on paying more to get to work.

After Metro announced its peak and non-peak Silver Line fares last week, advocacy group Reston 2020 crunched the numbers and found some commuters may pay twice as much to get to Downtown D.C.

Some of the highlights:

  • Current rail and bus users will see a nearly 40-percent increase over current round-trip costs (from $10.60 to $14.80 per day). Annually, the total will be $2,960.
  • For those who park in the Wiehle garage rather than ride the bus to the station, daily costs will increase 56 percent (to $16.55).  That works out to $3,130 a year.
  • Costs for riders with a reserved parking space in the garage will nearly double (rising to an average of $20.45 per day, a 92 percent increase).  They will face a total annual cost of $4,090.

See the entire analysis on Reston 2020’s blog.


    This is proving to be one more government project that over promises and under delivers. Mass transit was sold as safe, reliable, and economical!?!?! These costs hide the general revenues, toll road fees, and other costs we have already incurred.

  • krank

    As a Reston-to-downtown commuter it is disappointing because I know that my overall commute will also be longer as a result of the rerouted buses to Wiehle Ave Station and the longer Metro ride. I get to pay 40% more to spend 30% to 40% more of my time in transit.

  • Dexter Scott

    If you did Reston to Metro Center via the Toll Road, that would cost you $3.50 in tolls plus $6.50 in gas each way — $20 a day. Thus a key question would be whether your employer provided free parking or not. If it did then one might well prefer to drive rather than use the $16.55 public transit option or certainly the $20.45 option.

  • RestonMan

    So my commute now costs $5 more per day and it’ll still take me 45 minutes to get to work. Tell me why this is a good idea again?

  • John Lovaas

    You are overlooking the added benefit provided by Fairfax pols in planning the Silver Line. The benefit is the detour for the complete sightseeing tour, all 4 stops, of Tysons Corner. It is all above ground, so you will not miss any of the beauty that is Tysons!

  • Bobby Love

    I can’t even believe it! In preparation for and to help finance the Silver Line, we’ve been paying ridiculous toll prices to drive 8 miles of road from Reston Parkway to Spring Hill Rd. NOW it is going to cost $20 to use the already overly-finanaced Metro to get to DC!? WTGDF??? I was hoping that at some point, my home price in Reston would go up because of the Metro. I would not buy here now for that reason.

  • disccus

    bicycling and the occassional cab due to unexpected weather looking really good now.

  • Katie

    Guess I’ll start driving my car. Sorry Earth,


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