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Fill This Space: Cameron Glen Care Center

by Karen Goff August 26, 2014 at 3:00 pm 10 Comments

Former Cameron Glen Care Center

Cameron Glen Care Center officially shut its doors in Reston on July 1.

The future of the facility, a 150-bed nursing and rehabilitation unit, had been known for some time. Commonwealth Care of Roanoke, the parent company of Cameron Glen, built a $22 million new facility, Potomac Falls Rehab in Sterling. Potomac Falls says 120 patients made the move from Reston to Sterling.

The facility even took its orange sign with them when they moved, leaving a tattered Cameron Glen sign in its place.

The move leaves a hole in Reston’s amenities as there is now no nursing home in Reston. Could the building be used for another residential facility such as a school or treatment center?

There is discussion that the land may be part of the plans for Reston’s Town Center North area. The 47-acre area, of which Cameron Glen is just a part, is bounded by Baron Cameron Avenue, Fountain Drive, and Town Center Parkway and Reston Parkway. The land is owned by two parties: Fairfax County and Inova.

Some possible uses that have been discussed for Town Center North include the location of a proposed new Reston Community Center indoor pool and recreation center; a hotel; residential development and parks.

Whether Town Center North includes the Cameron Glen parcel or not, it would still have to go through a master plan process, as well as county and Reston planning requirements.

What do you think should be developed in Cameron Glen’s place? Tell us in the comments.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Considering the wave of Boomers that are about to enter there “Late Retirement” years and didn’t plan properly, Reston really could use a more affordable Assisted Living or even a Skilled Nursing Facility that accepts Medicaid.

    • Zoie Nikov

      Potomac Falls Health and Rehab Center accepts Medicaid, Medicare and most commercial insurance products. The new center is just 5.8 miles from the Cameron Glen location – and as reported, its a $22 million dollar brand new center.

  • Susan Berger

    Didn’t we vote a bond issue in the last year or two to study and prep for moving the library? This would be a good location to keep it in the Town Center area.

  • Tammi Petrine

    I second Chuck’s idea.
    AND PLEASE, do not keep talking about a Reston Community Center
    indoor pool and recreation center as though RCC is the only option for us to get a pool/rec center!!! RCC is a separate, special entity for which we in Small Tax District #5 pay EXTRA taxes. Fairfax County Park Authority is the entity whose job it is to build our facility.

    YES, we deserve a pool and rec center BUT funded by Fairfax County just as EVERY OTHER county district has and has had for years while Hunter Mill District which includes Reston has gotten exactly ZERO but the bill for the rest of the county’s rec centers. Restonians do not have unlimited resources. We can not keep self-funding all of our amenities despite what the majority of the RCC board thinks. Reston residents are the payers and we need to make the Governors understand that we are tapped out… Done! And ready for our turn at the trough that we have been filling for 50 years but have yet to get our drink.

    Please come to the RCC candidate forum on Sept. 8th at HW theater at 7PM to make your opinions known or you WILL be paying these EXTRA taxes. To RCC, citizen/voter silence means that you agree to their plan for you to pay 100% of Reston’s costs PLUS your reg. taxes.

    BTW, Bill Bouie, a long time Reston resident is chair of the ENTIRE Fairfax County Park Authority. He is also a sitting governor on the RCC board and chair of their long range planning committee!!! He is pushing for us to pay 100%. Perhaps on Sept. 8th he can answer why he hasn’t ever advocated for us during his long appointment to the FCPA by Supervisor Hudgins.

    Reston Town Center North is the right place for a rec center and Fairfax County,
    NOT RCC, should build it for us.

    • Rational Reston

      Absolutely. A Fairfax County Rec Center located within Reston Town Center North would ADD recreational resources to Reston. Any other location mentioned to date is just trading off existing scarce recreational resources in favor of another one.

    • cosmo

      If you despise Bill Bouie so much, why don’t you run for the board and volunteer the hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of hours he’s put in advocating for citizens of both Reston and Fairfax County? People love to complain about the work of others but they won’t even consider doing the same job.

      • Tammi Petrine

        You have unfortunately made my point, Cosmo. If you read my post carefully, it is Bouie’s LACK of advocacy that is in question. If you do not own property in STD #5, perhaps you don’t care but you should. Both commercial AND residential property owners are at huge risk for permanent, escalating EXTRA taxes at a VARIABLE rate which will be dependent on management talent and policies over which you will have NO control. You will pay the complete cost whether you use the center or not; whether it is well run or not. This is unwise and completely unfair. Further, many homeowners can not afford EXTRA
        taxes for this. Times are tough for many, many families. Landlords have to raise rents to cover these extra bills so everyone suffers.

        Most Restonians may not even realize that they pay EXTRA Real Estate taxes to support RCC=STD#5 because their tax bills go to their mortgage co. and not their homes.

        BTW, I don’t despise Bill Bouie. I just want him to answer why Hunter Mill lacks a county rec center in 2014 and why he simultaneously holds two positions that seem to me to be in direct conflict of interest. He is chair of FFX Co. Park Authority Board which decides who gets what AND holds a RCC/ Board of Governors seat where he is openly advocating schemes to get Restonians to foot the bill for a basic county amenity. If RCC continues their campaign, FCPA will NEVER pay.

        Fellow citizens, please be aware: STD #5 which funds RCC is a convenient taxing mechanism just like the toll way. Once it gets rolling, there is no stopping it. Property owners have to be very careful when voting to take on more liability (funding new amenities). A tiny group of people, the RCC governors, is making decisions about your future indebtedness.

        To be clear, I am NOT a ‘no’ taxes person. I am a FAIR taxes person. If I help pay for a very posh McLean or Oakton rec center, I want the McLean and Oakton folks to pitch in for me when it is my very, very overdue turn. Doesn’t that sound reasonable?

        Cosmo, I do volunteer 100’s of hours to my community and have served in many capacities over my 38 years in Reston. I am currently on the RCA board and co-chair of Reston 2020. Indeed my service has sharpened my knowledge of what is in the works. Now, thanks to your comment, the entire Reston community perhaps will be a little better informed on what lies ahead. The views expressed here are strictly my own and should not be construed as RCA or 2020 positions.

  • Helen Dunn

    It seems that within the 47 acres there would be space for the Memorial Garden of Reflection which is currently being considered to be placed in a neighborhood picnic area. A more central location with no established residential population would be ideal for an IPAR supported memorial area which is meant to be significant for all of Reston.

  • Kemi

    Good riddance. We put my father there and they were horrible. Just because the center moved, doesn’t mean the new one will be better. If another nursing home goes in there, let’s make sure they actually care about their patients.

    • Daniel

      I don’t know when you had your father in there, but I believe the quality of care was much better when it was owned by INOVA than after Commonwealth bought it. I heard how the quality of care had gone downhill.


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