Reston, VA

Business Schools Professionals building Lake AnneThe Fairfax County Planning Commission on Wednesday recommended for approval plan changes to the comprehensive plan for Crescent Apartments and the Lake Anne area.

The changes, which mostly look at densities and adds continuity to the six separate Land Bays comprising the plan, will go before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on Dec. 2.

The plan, as approved in 2013, calls for a mix of uses and intensities in designated zones surrounding Lake Anne’s original village center, but leaves the historic part of the plaza untouched.

A spokesman for Lake Anne Development Partners, which was selected in 2013 by the county to develop the project, the changes only modify some of the density around within the “various Land Units to be consistent with our design as it has evolved during the pre-planning process, but it does not actually represent any material change in the overall densities or intent of the original Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Lake Anne Village Center that was initiated in 2007 and approved in March 2009.” 

The plan as already approved calls for up to 1,415 dwelling units and 219,000 square feet of non-residential uses and up to 1,535 dwelling units and 113,000 square feet of non-residential use under full consolidation.

To see the full document and maps of Land Units A-F, see this document from Fairfax County.

Photo: Association of School Business Officials building, which is slated to be torn down as part of Lake Anne redevelopment/file photo 


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