RA Estimates Bocce Site Plan Will Cost $14K

Outdoor Bocce Court/Credit: Joy of BocceReston Association will review this week an additional cost of $14,000 to build a bocce court at Cabots Point Recreation Area.

RA CEO Cate Fulkerson said in materials for Monday’s Board Planning Meeting that RA has checked with a civil engineering firm, who says that a site review for the land at Cabots Point will cost $14,000.

The estimate takes into account:

  • Establishing survey control and accurate topography on site: $2,000
  • Developing a minor site plan for submission to Fairfax County. Requirements include, but are not limited to: siting of elements, grading (existing and proposed topography), possibly erosion and sediment control plan and narrative, stormwater management calculations and narrative, possible landscaping requirements: $10,000
  • Plan submittal and review to Fairfax County: $2,000

Additionally, RA documents say that materials to build the court will cost most than $4,000. However, RA says it can donate the 80 hours of labor costs ($1,884).

RA will have to ensure the addition of the bocce court and additional elements (walkway, bench, picnic table etc.) would meet current ADA/accessibility standards, said Fulkerson.

RA documents also said that Friends of Reston, which says it will pay the costs of the court, has $1,500 in designated donations for the project. RA has not marked any money to pay for the courts, so it is unclear where it would get $14,000 for a site plan.

When the project was approved by the RA Board nearly a year ago, the estimated total cost of the project was about $2,500.

There have been several other setbacks for the plan as well, including many complaints from neighbors who do not want the court, saying it will bring noise, traffic and garbage to the area off of South Lakes Drive.

Others have told the RA Board that they were not adequately notified of the planned project, proposed by South Lakes Director Richard Chew last December, before the board approved it. RA has since changed the process of getting member feedback before voting on a new project.

In the last year, RA Directors have twice proposed pulling the bocce plan and starting over. Both times, the board voted to press on.

The board will discuss and vote Monday on whether to further move on the cost estimate at its Dec. 18 full board meeting.

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