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Robber Hits Bank Inside North Point Giant

by Karen Goff December 30, 2014 at 8:30 am 3,883 24 Comments

Fairfax County Police For the second time in two weeks, a supermarket bank in Reston was robbed in the late afternoon.

Fairfax County Police said the PNC Bank inside the Giant at North Point Village Center was robbed about 5 p.m. Monday.

The suspect told a teller he had a weapon and then got away with an undisclosed amount of money, police spokesman Lucy Caldwell said. Police did not yet have a description of the suspect Monday evening.

This is the fourth bank robbery in Reston in the last several weeks.

On Dec. 15, the Sun Trust inside the Safeway at Hunters Woods Village Center was robbed.

On Dec. 10, there was a robbery at the Wells Fargo Branch at Reston Town Center.

On Nov. 26, the Presidential Bank at 1675 Reston Parkway was robbed.

Police are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to see whether the incidents are related, Caldwell said.

The FBI said recently that December is the busiest month for bank robberies.

  • Dexter Scott

    Police did not yet have a description of the suspect Monday evening.

    Countdown to useless description of “black male in a hoodie” in 5… 4… 3… 2…

  • Amy

    I guess being located inside a store gives a false sense of security, no need to install cameras.

  • the metro opened fellas, you knew it was coming, deal with it.

    • RestonResident

      Yes, it seems highly probable the robber walked the 2 miles uphill from the metro to rob the bank at North Point.

      • clambj


      • OpenReston


      • Juli Vermillion

        No, but they would probably jack a car either at the metro lot, or a nearby neighborhood. Happened all the time when I lived near a metro stop in Alexandria.

  • Curious

    Surprised no one tried to stop this person given the inside location, where are our airline heroes who tackle troublemakers to the ground? Did anyone actually see a weapon? I’m sure there are cameras in Giant that would have picked this up.

    • Brian Pyatt

      why? Because he stole some money from a bank? Other then higher bank fees, why would someone tackle him?

      • Mike M

        Because he is a punk in your community.

        • Brian Pyatt

          so you are going to risk your life to tackle a punk that could have a gun, so the bank keeps their money? Take a picture of him send it to police.

          • Mike M

            I might. Depends upon the opportunity. I’ve taken chances before. I’ll let you in on a little secret: A community gets the crime that it tolerates and the police are responders – not preventers. The police are far more likely to shoot you than to save you. They are also unaccountable. I think this would have been clear to everyone after the Garner case and the subsequent Grand Jury “investigation” and the punk cops turning their backs on the mayor, had the race-baiters not hijacked the issue. In my view, we need fewer cops and more citizens with guns. It’s not as radical as you might think. By the way, I don’t believe this clown is armed.

          • Brian Pyatt

            I respect your opinion, I just don’t think as a father you should put your life at risk so the bank can keep their money. If the punk was beating on someone I would take action.

          • Mike M

            I understand where you are drawing the line based on urgency. As I said, in a case like this, it definitely depends upon circumstance. Most likely, because of his mode, it probably was not clear to everyone around what he was doing. But detectable or not, his act is a sort of beating up on the whole community.

  • Noelle

    Kind of troubling to hear of so many robberies in such a short period of time. Especially now that they are getting closer to my home.

  • michelle

    I heard this one come across the scanner. That was the description I heard too. I had been there not 10 min before.

    I find it distressing that a full 20% of this season’s robberies were in Reston, in a county with a population of 1 mill.

  • clambj

    Where are all the people who love leaving comments that all the violent crimes that occur in Reston only happen at Hunters Woods??? Where are all the demands for a bigger police presence at North Point? Will Lipford? Mike M? Adam Petersen? Paulette Lincoln-Baker? John Walker? [crickets].

    • Will Lipford

      Don’t feel like arguing with yuppies today, but oh my that’s a whopping 3 miles from the DMZ, I would be worried shelfelatio.

    • Will Lipford

      Not crickets, just censorship.

    • Mike M

      First crime I’ve heard of at this location. Although I suspect everything that happens here gets reported.

      Other than the nutty Beamer drivers trying to intimidate pedestrians in the crosswalks, I don’t think anyone feels unsafe at this location in general. I’ve never seen shoplifting. I don’t see people just hanging out late at night.

      By the way, cricket boy, I don’t recall ever reading that “all the violent crimes happen at Hunter’s Woods.” Was this even “violent?” Does it make your argument easier when you put words in your the mouths of those with whom you disagree?

      • clambj

        Your are correct, you didn’t read it, but you and a host of other commenters did state it.
        “Hey, didn’t the local police just declare there isn’t a crime problem in that neighborhood? Tell me if you have the info. And then go walking around there at night. I am certain most of the crime goes unreported. I’ve seen shoplifting at the Safeway and the employees just shrug.”

        And in reply to Will Lipford’s comments (as well as other comments by Will incorrectly stating a multitude of murders that only happened in that area):

        “Will, I think you are just looking objectively at the situation. Too bad others can’t. I think their problem is racism in that they hold others to a lower standard because of their race.”

        BTW – where did you get your “they hold others to a lower standard because of their race” idea from? No one had mentioned race in that post you replied to. So, in sum, you think the Hunters Woods shopping center is “super sketchy” because there are people of different races that live and shop there. There really is no other interpretation.

        • Mike M

          No one ever wrote that all the violent crimes happen at Hunter’s Woods. But it is an unsafe place where crime happens.This is in stark contrast to North point. You quote me, yet I am not saying ALL the violent crime happens there.

  • Professor Brand

    The origin of the 2nd Amendment is Right 13 of George Mason’s Declaration of Rights.

  • Mike M



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