Lake Anne/Crescent on Supervisors’ Agenda Tuesday

by Karen Goff February 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm 9 Comments

Three public hearings and a decision related to the Lake Anne-area revitalization project are on the docket for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.

The board will decide on a request for a parking reduction for the project. Two weeks ago, Lake Anne Development Partners requested to reduce by nearly 500 the number of parking spots that will be available in the area after the massive redevelopment of Crescent Apartments and the surrounding area is completed.

Some of LADP’s reasons for the reduction:

  • The county has parking standards for suburban development, but since the Crescent redevelopment is being planned in a more urban style, the developers have asked for the reduction.
  • A reduction in parking will have a positive impact on traffic levels and walkability, among other reasons. Some of the reasons, according to county documents:
  • The project has proffered a comprehensive transportation plan with specific goals and strategies targeted to reduce auto‐ownership among future residents as well as reducing parking supply.
  • The project has proffered an overall 25-percent trip reduction goal for the resident and office users, which corresponds to a strategy that reduces the parking supply.
  • Managing parking by reducing supply helps to reduce the undesirable impacts of parking demand on local and regional traffic levels and the resulting impacts on community livability.
  • The project seeks to promote a vibrant community where people can live, play and work providing opportunities to limit auto‐ownership among residents; single occupancy vehicle trips.
  • This site is served by existing established Fairfax Connector and RIBs bus routes along North Shore Drive.
  • The site is located entirely within 1.65 miles of the Wiehle‐Reston East Silver Line Metro station providing a mass transit commuter option in the nearby proximity.
  • Most importantly, the project has proffered a comprehensive TDM and Parking Management Plan that will monitor and measure the project’s traffic and parking reduction goals. If the parking reductions are not achieved in the East Side, a plan to provide additional spaces has been proffered.

It has been requested that 477 fewer parking spaces serve the project. That is a parking reduction of 18 percent. The County Executive recommends that the Board approve the 18 percent parking reduction. The county also says parking should include at least 1,031 parking spaces on the west side of the development and a minimum of 1,136 parking spaces on the east side for a total of 2,167 total spaces when the project is fully developed.

When it is completed, the project will have 1,037 new residential units (including replacement of the 181 affordable units at Crescent); 60,000 square feet of retail; a 15,800-square-foot grocery store; and 78,000 square feet of office space. 

At full build-out, a minimum of 388 garage parking spaces shall be maintained to serve the West Side residential dwelling units, the county executive said.

The project also calls for a 120-space parking garage to be built on a parcel of land adjacent to the current Lake Anne Plaza. That land, formerly owned by Reston Association, was the subject of a controversial land swap in late 2o13.

The board will also conduct public hearings on several Lake Anne-area topics late this afternoon. The public hearings were deferred from the Supervisors’ Jan. 27 meeting. The three separate topics all have to due with density and development conditions, as well as stormwater management, to allow the project to finally proceed.

The project was recently recommended for approval by the Fairfax County Planning Commission.

Rendering of new buildings at Crescent/Credit: LADP

  • Sue Beffel

    Was this postponed due to weather?

    • Karen Goff

      According to the agenda and morning announcement, it was still on. I will be following up.

      • Sue Beffel


  • Tammi Petrine

    The entire RA community sacrificed its precious LA grove of trees with its unique ecology to provide interim parking for existing merchants during the construction phase in the 120 space parking garage mentioned in the above article. Where exactly are the 477 spaces that are to be eliminated? Obviously, 120 spaces for patrons are not enough for a successful plaza when all existing as well as the new businesses are open so hopefully the eliminated spaces are not ones serving visitors. In none of the articles about this issue has the exact location been identified. Does anyone know the answer?

    • Karen Goff

      Tammi – I don’t think they have gotten so far as to draw out where exactly the spaces will be. The documents say “a minimum of x on the East Side and x on the West Side” right now.

      • Tammi Petrine

        East side/West side? Does this mean East of N. Shore Drive (in the area of the present Crescent property) or West of N. Shore (the area of commercial LA) OR the East side or West side of the planned two section subterranean garage to be built on the site of the main LARCA parking lot where the Farmers Market is located now? Is the reduction a percentage of east AND west, i.e. parking is being reduced in various LADP locations?

        I am baffled how the planning commission, county staff or BOS could even consider this reduction IF the location is in play. Surely someone has the specific info… Can anyone help, please? Thank you! And what was the decision?

        • Karen Goff

          It was approved. It is in our morning notes today. Also, you can click through to the whole proposal/report to get exact specifics.

      • Karen Goff

        also, read the story. The reduction is for the project overall, including Crescent residential. There will still be a total of 2,167 spots overall.

  • Liloleme

    It was deferred to March 3, it was not approved, see this link http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/government/board/bdagenda/2015/board-package-final-feb17.pdf


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