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by Eve Thompson May 19, 2015 at 1:00 pm 11 Comments

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This is a sponsored post by Eve Thompson of Reston Real Estate.

Spring is here, and that means people are buying and selling homes in Reston.

Whether you’ve lived here for years or are relocating to our community, it’s always helpful to know the neighborhoods. The sense of place is an important characteristic of Reston. While all the neighborhoods are great, they each have their own feel — a feel that will come through as you wander around the neighborhood and get to know the area.

Map of Reston/Courtesy RAReston Association developed an interactive map of Reston, which is a great starting guide to orienting yourself to where each Reston neighborhood is located. Click the link above to visit the site.

Reston has 134 cluster associations (townhome and patio home-style neighborhoods), 30 condominium associations and 4,800 single-family homes. There are also 17 apartment buildings in Reston, comprised of over 3,800 units. There are six primary areas, five of which are built around each of the original village centers.

  • Lake Anne: The first village center. Most of the homes were built in the sixties. Here you’ll find Waterview Cluster, Hickory Cluster, and Hook Road. And, of course, Lake Anne!
  • Tall Oaks and the Uplands: This area is known for its fantastic natural areas, in part because much of the Tall Oaks area abuts Lake Fairfax Park. Tall Oaks is right off Wiehle Avenue, so easily accessible to the Metro. Uplands is close to Route 7.
  • Hunters Woods: The first village center in South Reston, and home to the primary Reston Community Center facility. There are many single-family homes in this section of Reston. It is close to the Walker Nature Education Center.
  • South Lakes: The second village center in South Reston, South Lakes is close to both Lake Thoreau and Lake Audubon. It’s also close to South Lakes High School, and students love wandering down to the village center after school.
  • North Point: This is the newest Reston area. It was built in the 1980s. There is a great mix of single family, patio, and town homes in this area. It also has Lake Newport pool, the only 50-meter pool in Reston.
  • Reston Town Center: Often viewed as the hub, there are many luxury condos in the Town Center area. Town Center itself has wonderful restaurants, shops, and access to all of Reston’s walking paths. It provides urban living in the heart of Reston.

The weather is glorious, so take advantage of it. Download the Reston map and explore Reston’s neighborhoods.

Map of Reston/Courtesy RA



    Thank you for that helpful guide. I’d like to know, as a Reston specialist, what your thoughts are on the Shadowood Condominiums. As a RA Director, and a long time Realtor, can you please inform us about the history of this condominium association? I am well aware of Fair Housing Laws and the like. As older apartment communities are redeveloped and more low income housing comes to Reston, I can’t help but feel sorry for those who invested in those properties. The shootout there over the weekend makes this a very important issue for the current residents & future buyers/tenants.

    • Eve Thompson

      Actually I’ll be writing about Shadowood in the next week or two- so you’ll have to wait for that article to hear about the history of that condo. With regard to the recent shooting I don’t think you can attribute that to low income housing,
      Reston has it share of crime and it seems to be pretty evenly spread throughout the community. Actually I believe that the theft rates are highest at RTC, but I can’t lay my hands on the source of that statistic.


        Thank you for your response and I anxiously await your article on Shadowood.

      • Stats

        Theft rates are very high at RTC, specifically next to the homeless handout shelter.

  • WhoIsJohnGalt

    Shame we couldn’t just circle the trouble areas. All of the low income housing, the section around the Safeway, all of the Shadowood

    • restonsilentmajoritynomore

      Oh give it a rest John Galt. Circle “All of the low income housing”?? I have lived next to “low income housing” in Reston for 10 years and have never had a problem; my neighbors are responsible, hard-working and perfectly pleasant. These are people who fix our roads, clean our schools, cook our food and do the other tough jobs, who are raising families and basically trying to be good Americans, as we all should be.

      Your comments to every story on this site are knee-jerk, predictable, boring and often insulting. If you have a point to make, make it by explaining your position and offer something to the conversation other than “poor people are bad”. If that is your only idea, and it seems to be, then OK we got it — duly noted — and you can sit down now.


        People who fix our roads are VDOT employees and people who clean our schools are Fairfax County employees. Both are government jobs with decent pay and excellent benefits. Some low income housing residents may be “good Americans”, but many are bad illegal immigrants. Many are bad Americans. Poor people are not necessarily bad, and no one said they were. I’m glad you haven’t suffered any ill effects of living next to low income housing. My car has been broken into twice in the last 2 years. The cops said, “well you live near the low income apartments”. He was referring to Fairway Apts, which can’t be redeveloped soon enough. I’d like to see market rate housing there. I’m thinking townhomes in the 650K to 750K would work well there.

        • Reston Watcher

          You know Full Time Bojangler (aka Laura Calacci, licensed real estate agent in the Commonwealth of VA), I would think that you’d be way more careful about your vile comments you are reprehensible, oh, I guess that’s why you post under your fake name. Do you steer your clients away from the places where the “Bad People” live?

          • shagga

            “Bad People”, they aren’t bad. They are just people who don’t care about you, or their neighbors, or themselves. They care about finding easiest way to get a high, stone, or cheap eats. Clearly, you are a big fan of them, you must be Ken Plum! I hope you told them to recycle those sample ballots.


            I tell my clients to do the research on crime statistics that is readily available through several sources.


            Why do you post under your fake name ?


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