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County Video Boils Down Reston Master Plan Changes

by Karen Goff June 4, 2015 at 4:30 pm 4 Comments

Still unsure what the changes to Reston’s Master Plan mean? Fairfax County Planning staffer Faheem Darab breaks it down in this video produced by Fairfax County.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors gave final approval to changes to the comprehensive plan earlier this week. The changes will guide any redevelopment in Reston’s neighborhoods and at its village centers.

“With the Master Plan changes, we can expect Reston to continue to be a premier planned community in the county,” Darab said, noting that the changes will mostly leave neighborhoods and convenience centers as they are and at least 12 percent of new housing stock will be affordable housing so a diverse population can live in Reston.

The biggest changes may come to the village centers, where new rules state that a developer does not need a comprehensive plan amendment to make drastic changes at Tall Oaks, Hunters Woods, South Lakes or North Point.

Ironically, the county video was filmed at Lake Anne Plaza, Reston’s original village center. Lake Anne, which has historic designation and is in the midst of its own revitalization plan, does not fall under this week’s Master Plan changes for redevelopment.

Photo: Tall Oaks Village Center/file photo

  • Ming the Merciless

    Tax dollars well spent.

    • Guest

      That’s why they needed all the added density–drive up those tax revenues to pay for propaganda like this.

      • Outsider

        You’re right about that propaganda. And they even got dozens of random people, families and children to pretend like they were living in Reston, enjoying themselves walking around the lake, eating lunch and playing on playground equipment. What won’t they do?

  • shagga

    reminds me of “Wecome to Duloc” from the movie Shrek.


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