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Wednesday Morning Rundown

by Karen Goff July 29, 2015 at 8:30 am 9 Comments

Community Garden at Hunters Woods

Sanders Rally — Supporters of Bernie Sanders will be hosting a live streaming presentation by Sanders to ramp up grassroots support for the 2016 presidential candidate tonight at Reston Community Center Hunters Woods at 7 p.m.

DC 2024? — Now that Boston has pulled out of the running for the 2024 Summer Olympics, might DC have a renewed shot? Fairfax County Supervisors Penny Gross and Cathy Hudgins mentioned at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting that the recent World Police & Fire Games were an excellent test run, but they were mostly joking about getting the games here. [WTOP]

Silver Line Reflections — Dr. Gridlock looks at where the Silver Line goes from here now that it is a year old. [Washington Post]

  • Stoo Pidgames

    Ffx cty needs olympics like fish needs a bicycle.

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Let some other city host this expensive boondoggle. Besides, even if the games were to come here, there’s no way that I could afford to attend any of the events. Yet, it would be my tax dollars that would pay for the inevitable shortfall in revenue.

    • Greg

      You could airbandb your place and rake in some serious cash.

  • Champs and chimps

    I understand that politicians of all stripes are salivating and eager to.embellish their records but for the athletes and citizens of the county it will be gridlock, the mother of all traffic jams. Chances are we ll break a world record in pumping green house gasses and depleting ozone. So yes, let’s do it.

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    I think the Olympics in this area would be great, they will build that Mag Lev train to connect DC to Baltimore and it would allow Baltimore residents to shop CVS again.

    • Greg

      But it will cost at least $80 to ride the mag lev plus the cost to get to the starting and ending points. For that, I can drive to Shadowood and get my dose of scare.

  • Greendayer

    Two potentially costly mistakes . . . The Olympics and Bernie Sanders

  • Greg

    Lovely image of one of the community gardens. One of the very few (if not only) RA amenities that is well used, year after year, and costs virtually nothing to maintain. Too bad the RA bought the Tetra property (needs to have the Tetra sign taken down along Baron Cameron) instead of creating more community gardens.

  • RestonMom

    I am 100% against allowing use of the community center for political rallies. That ought to be totally forbidden. Why? Because I know they would shut out any viewpoint they disagree with, while commandeering a community resource only for their own partisan purposes. Everybody gets a say, or nobody.


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