Police Games Had $83.8 Million Impact in Fairfax County

by Karen Goff July 31, 2015 at 10:55 am 6 Comments

 Fairfax County officials said the recent 2015 World Police & Fire Games brought more than $83.85 million in economic benefits to the area.

The estimate exceeds the $50 million economic benefit the organizers predicted just before the Games. The biennial event ran here from June 26 to July 5.

Barry Biggar, president of the Fairfax County Convention and Visitors Corporation, told the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors at a meeting Tuesday the figures are conservative and do not include spending by 3,500 volunteers, who received 17,000 complimentary meals but likely spent some of their own money, or overnight stays by from participants Virginia, Maryland and D.C.

Figures are based on Fairfax County’s 6-percent hotel-occupancy and sales-tax rates, he said.

Figures are not available yet on a location-by-location basis and will be tough to calculate, officials said. Reston likely saw a good portion of spending because the Athletes Village was headquartered at Reston Town Center, drawing athletes and their families to visit Reston and spend money here. There were also several athletic events in Reston.

There were 10,000 participants in the Games and about 2,000 of those athletes were local, organizers said. The Games featured competition at 52 venues, most of which were in Fairfax County. The Games were marred by a sad incident, when a Brazilian police inspector was fatally injured in a bike race.

Biggar said that based on the police games success, Fairfax will now pursue the 2019 National Senior Games. The 2017 Police Games will be held in Montreal.

The Supervisors said they were pleased with Fairfax being shown in a positive light at the event.

Photo: Canadian soccer players at Reston Town Center

  • Rich

    I hope they didn’t use the same math as Dan Snyder: http://www.richmond.com/sports/article_a31a808d-7b6c-5fca-91b8-3a2fcf648ea4.html

  • Mike M

    I work with an institution that is constantly touting “savings” and “revenue” to justify its past decisions. They are impossible to verify and even to truly calculate in the first place. But when the people who made the decisions calculate them, you can be sure they tell the right story. You can also be sure that the COST side of the equation will get no mention.

  • Scott H

    “Figures are based on Fairfax County’s 6-percent hotel-occupancy and sales-tax rates”

    Why do I suspect they calculated every hotel room booked in the county during the games and not any overage that was experienced over the same period in past years.
    Same basic question for the sales tax figures.

    Now let’s do a little math. There were about 10,000 athletes. If we assume a net of another 10,000 spectators, family members etc, that would mean each person attending would have spent in excess of $4000. Call me skeptical. Even if my attendee assumption is off by an order of magnitude, the numbers still don’t jive.

  • Wings!!

    I bet it would have been 85.8 Million if Reston had a Hooters.


  • Greg

    VooDoo economics for sure. What were the costs? And, of course, what does “economic benefit” mean?

  • Fairfax Watcher

    Thanks go to the previous comments on the BOS’s “success story”! The tax-paying residents will never know the whole truth on this. Early in the discussion for these games the BOS said $3 Million of County cash was put into the games. No telling how much they really dumped into this waste of public money.
    If all this were not rude enough, Chairman Bulova had the nerve to say earlier this year that it was a too bad that the County did not have a meals tax in place for this event due to the expected large amount of restaurant dining. PLEASE! She is the sole reason the residents did not even get a chance to vote on the referendum in last November election!! Its really too bad we do not have a choice —- she would never have that job if Connelly had stayed with us here in Fairfax County!!!


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