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New Restaurant Tenant for Macaroni Grill Building

by Karen Goff August 28, 2015 at 3:10 pm 3,689 34 Comments

Not Your Average Joe's in Warwick, RI/Courtesy Not Your Average Joe's

There’s a new restaurant coming to the former location of Macaroni Grill at 1845 Fountain Drive in Reston.

Not Your Average Joe’s, a Massachusetts-based restaurant chain, has signed a lease for the location and has filed permits for renovations.

Not Your Average Joe’s has 20 locations in New England, as well as in Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Leesburg and Woodbridge.

Not Your Average Joe’s is known for stone-hearth pizzas, salads, unique burger combos and other casual fare. See menu on the company website.

The restaurant also has happy hour specials such as $3 draft beers, $5 nachos and Oyster and Martini Mondays ($1.25 oysters and $6 martinis).

No opening date has been announced.

The Macaroni Grill closed fairly suddenly in December. The Spectrum shopping center where it was located is expected to undergo a massive redevelopment, but that may not begin for several years.

  • E Pluribus

    So disappointing, but at least it’s bringing jobs back to Reston.

    • Carol Luery

      Why is it disappointing? I’m glad to have another reasonable restaurant choice in the RTC area.

    • Wings!!

      It could have been bringing Hooters girls to Reston


  • Henry Rearden

    I’m saddened. This was the perfect spot for a Hooters.


    • Wings!!

      I know bro. Missed opportunity. Keep the dream alive though!

    • Barbara Goddard

      Some day maybe lol

    • Sidewinder

      Dude, your persistence about the Hooters is hilarious on this site, and I agree with you in this case. That would have been a great place for the holy grail of wings.

      • LeftPolitico

        Well, no, the constant comments about Hooters are anything but hilarious. They are completey annoying. Give it up.

        • Henry Rearden

          It’s an honest request. I don’t like driving to Fairfax or the other location to get fried pickles.

        • Sidewinder

          Typical left wing response. I guess you would rather have another salad restaurant, tofu bar or a vegan bistro.

          • Sidewinder

            Even though Hooters makes awesome wings, you just don’t want a Hooters in the area because they prefer to serve right wings, not left wings. Plus they have hot chicks like Fox News. You must find that intimidating.

          • Sue Brickman

            I would LOVE a vegan bistro!!

          • pleasebekidding

            What nonsense. The annoying, repetitive, beating of a dead horse of a joke is what LeftPolitico is talking about. If Hooters wanted to open in the area and a landlord agreed to rental terms we’d have one — but we don’t. Write them a letter directly and then move on.

        • Wings!!

          Well, apparently I’m not the only one that things Reston needs a Hooters. Anyone any idea what ever happened to this: https://www.restonnow.com/2014/01/15/is-champps-space-getting-a-well-known-new-tenant/


  • John Q Public

    Hooters food is barley edible…one walk around the clown center pretty much comparable to being at hooters. Not your avg Joes huh….The chain gang continues around the area.

    • cRAzy

      Would be interesting to see a County law (zoning?) that required all or a large % of all retail space to be owned/operated by locals. End the restaurant chain gang!

      • Karen Goff

        That would never happen. There is a reason there are chain restaurants. Big companies can afford big rents. If that were a law, then there would also be a lot of vacancies, bringing down the tax base.

        • cRAzy

          Well maybe if the law prevented them from collecting big rents on businesses (& residences maybe too), then rents would be lower and more people could afford to eat or live there.

          Just maybe.

          • thebratwurstking

            That sure would be nice!

          • Greg

            Too late. We, in the Millennial-designated “DMV,” have the dubious distinction of having the worst traffic and highest cost of raising a family of four. In all of the United States.

          • Mike M

            With the salaries that make that do-able! 🙂

          • HankRearden

            Maybe the government should own all the businesses and get rid of the free market system.

          • Mike M

            I like a feller who can get straight to the danged point. cRAzy was soooo beatin’ ’round the bush. But he was going there, wasn’t he?

            It comes as no surprise to me that we have so many Socialists. A big chunk of Obamaphiles are already declaring for Bernie Sanders! I am just surprised that they don’t see themselves as the Socialists that Bernie admits to be and their very viewpoints necessary edge toward. Tis a slippery slope.

          • Mike M

            So said Mr. Lenin and countless others on their way to the ash heap of history.

            Just how many laws against other people’s freedoms will we need to build your utopia, cRA?

      • Greg

        Tall Oaks, Lake Anne, Hunters Woods…go support your locals.

        • Wings!!

          I would love a Hooters in Lake Anne


      • Mike M

        But Socialism never works, cRAzy.

  • Great within easy walking distance! And it means the developer will not be tearing down and building a lot of new high rise buildings

  • taffytoo

    i am in shock!..why did Macaroni Grill leave? we thought that was part of the deal to knock down the buildings at Spectrum and put high rise up..Happy it’s not so and glad another restaurant is going in…

  • Nate_VA

    I would expect good seafood from a MA based restaurant. Passionfish needs competition.

    • Mike M

      Try Ford’s Fish Shack in Asburn and South Riding. Yes, it’s a drive but . . . Mmmmn!

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Wow. Another chain serving bar food. I’m completely underwhelmed.

  • Mike M

    It’s good to see this space filled.

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