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Salad Restaurant in Plaza America Closes

by Heather Mongilio September 23, 2015 at 9:30 am 17 Comments

"Closed" signs on Saladworks doorsSaladworks in Plaza America has permanently shut its doors.

The restaurant, which boasted it had “America’s best salads,” posted signs on its doors notifying customers of the closure. The signs recommend customers visit other locations in Richmond or College Park, Maryland.

The owner of the Reston branch of Saladworks decided to close the store, said Jena Henderson, a spokeswoman with the company.

Henderson could not say what the specifics reasons were for closing the Reston location.

“We love the Reston market and the people of Reston and are so grateful for their patronage over the years,” Henderson said. “We certainly have this earmarked as a market we would like to have a presence in in the future.”

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Over-priced and under-portioned. I suppose the same will happen to the Herndon store as well, if it hasn’t already.

    • Beth

      Herndon one has been closed for years – that location is now an Einstein Bagel, I believe.

  • Ming the Merciless

    Specific reason for closing: rabbit food is lame.

    • meh

      that and eating a salad has become a major source of food poisoning. Every week its either tainted peppers from mexico, or some migrant relieved himself in a lettuce field in California, I think this week its tainted cucumbers.


      • E Pluribus

        Birds fly over every farm and have being doing their business on crops for all of eternity. Are these the migrants you are talking about?

        • Ming the Merciless

          Those birds flying over the Central Valley of California would notice that there aren’t many port-a-potties and they aren’t very close to the migrant workers picking your produce. Do those workers relieve themselves in the fields? Hmmm. Does the ursine mammal relieve himself in the arboreal ecosystem?

  • John Q Public

    Place was overpriced and disgusting…

  • CE

    Dang, now I have to drive to college park for my lunchtime salad needs.

    • Beth

      I like Sweetgreen at RTC…

  • Henry Rearden

    Is there a liquor license at this place? If so, perfect spot for a hooters

    • Chuck Morningwood

      The old Chaamps would be a perfect place for Hooters. And they could revive “Open Carry Night”. Nothing like booze, bosoms and bazookas all in the same place.

      • Wings!!

        I’m saying, Reston needs a Hooters.


        • tw


  • Mike M

    The password is . . . “Cheeseburger.”

  • Mike M

    I know someone that used to own one of these franchises. The food IS overpriced, but it’s not the franchisees fault. It’s because there is literally no profit margin in the product once the franshisor takes their fees out, not to mention the food and paper costs are well above the norm for a business like this because of contracts already in place. The bottom line is, the only people that make money with this franchise is the franshisor, while the franchisee is left scraping pennies together to make ends meet.

    • Mike M

      Perhaps they will learn that they can’t pay their bills if their franchisees go under. I’ve heard this same song from Subway folks. But that firm has national ad campaigns (even post-Jarrod) and the Subways continue to make money.

      PS: There is room for many Mike Ms here. But if you start using my fuzzy gumby like the guy over on WTOP who apparently has no life, . . . I’ma gonna whack you with my backspace key!

  • vdiv

    This really sux, I love SaladWorks. Not sure how it was overpriced when offering a fresh salad for $8.

    This particular locale had some tough competition with Zoe’s next door and being at the end of the strip mall. It was also having a hard time hiring motivated employees, they were, shall we say in as kind way as possible, a bit slow, especially when compared to peer stores in the Northeast.


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