“We Make Reston” Wall to Open Saturday

by Heather Mongilio September 23, 2015 at 12:05 pm 11 Comments

"We Make Reston" (Courtesy of RCC)More than 150 black-and-white photos of Reston residents will be exhibited around the area as part of a larger discussion about diversity.

The photos are part of “We Make Reston,” an INSIDE OUT project, brought to Reston by the Initiative for Public Art Reston (IPAR) and Reston Community Center. The photos will be officially unveiled during the Reston Multicultural Festival, with an accompanying discussion about diversity on Sunday.

Photos are exhibited around Reston at the Lake Anne sea wall, Comstock Partners’ fencing wall at the Wiehle-Reston Metro Station and South Lakes High School. There is also an exhibit inside the Jo Anne Rose Gallery.

“It [“We Make Reston” wall] is diverse, playful, and exudes adventure and love – all crucial parts of the essence of Reston,” said Leila Gordon, the executive director of the Reston Community Center.

The Initiative for Public Art Reston and the Reston Community Center received more than 300 photos of Reston residents. Of the 300, 169 were selected to be displayed on the three walls.

“A book of all the submissions that met criteria will be made available to the public at the festival and online,” Gordon said.

To be considered, all photos had to be a black and white, vertical portrait. Comstock Partners, who joined in with IPAR and RCC to provide the Metro station and banner locations, also had a team of photographers take portrait shots of Reston residents.

“People should be intrigued and delighted [about the wall],” Gordon said. “And yes, I am sure there will be some surprises.”

Photo courtesy of RCC

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Well, at least this sounds like an exhibition/installation that doesn’t leave you scratching your head, wondering “WTF?”

    • Lake Anne Resident

      I really enjoy those installations from time-to-time. Anyone remember the interpretive dancer with glowing blocks in the lake – that was awesome! 🙂

      Keep Lake Anne Weird!

  • Ming the Merciless

    Will Michael Wayne Edwards and Latinos on bicycles be part of the “discussion about diversity”?

    No, because what the Left means by “discussion” in these cases is not a discussion at all. They will lecture and indoctrinate you while you sit there quietly. No actual discussion or dissent will be allowed.

    • Chuck Morningwood

      This lecture brought to you by Ming the Right Wing.

      • Henry Rearden

        Someone has to balance out the 24/7 ad hominem stuff coming from the likes of Ken Plum and the rest of the left leaning articles on this site

        • Ming the Merciless

          This comment will vanish in 5… 4… 3… 2…

          • Henry Rearden

            Stayed up longer than that picture of a squirrel next to the Safeway I saw the other day

          • California?

            Anybody know why the water level at Lake Anne is so low right now? You can clearly see that it’s two feet lower then normal.

          • Lake Anne Resident

            My guess is that they are about to start dredging these channels and the lower water level will make the job much easier. Surprisingly, I don’t believe the golf course is to blame this time around.

  • Henry Rearden

    This photo was taken in South Reston.

  • meh

    “People should be intrigued and delighted [about the wall],” Gordon said. “And yes, I am sure there will be some surprises.”
    I guess a squirrel wearing a sombrero wont be one of the surprises.


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