Herndon Man Arrested in Attempted Abduction of Teen

by Karen Goff September 30, 2015 at 9:45 am 22 Comments

Jose G. Santamaria/Credit: Herndon PoliceHerndon Police have made an made an arrest in an attempted abduction case of a teenage girl in July.

Police said that Jose Guadalupe Santamaria, 40, of Herndon, tried to kidnap a teen on July 13. A similar case occurred near Fox Mill in early August.

Santamaria is charged with abduction with the intent to defile and attempting to entice a subject into a dwelling. He is being held at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center without bond.

Police say a teen girl was waiting for a bus in the 1300 blcok of Springtide Place about 7 a.m. when Santamaria, approached her and offered her money to come to his house. The girl told police she refused and walked away.

Santamaria then approached her from behind and tried to force her to come with him, police say. The teen broke way and ran back to her house.

Law enforcement located Santamaria near a residence in Loudoun County and arrested him.

  • Ming the Merciless

    When Jeb Bush called illegal immigration an “act of love”, Jose took him literally.

    This story and the Prieto story on the same day… I’m really feeling the glorious benefits of diversity right now!

    • Henry Rearden

      Don’t forget the festival that’s coming up, lots of love there. Or if that’s too far out, just go to the laundrymat next to the Safeway.

      • Ming the Merciless

        Just walk down the street minding your own business, and the love will come to you!

  • susie

    Actually, we have our very own Gerry Connelly to thank for this crop of much needed “diversity”.

  • meh

    He came here for a better life, and to defile our children while they wait for the school buss.

    • Ming the Merciless

      He came for the government handouts, and stayed for the teenage girls!

  • john Q public

    I wonder if Jose is a legal american citizen, please lock this POS up or deport him immediately. Great job to law enforcement who tracked this cockroach down.

    • Richard

      Regardless of his immigration status, wouldn’t it be better to incarcerate him if he’s found guilty?

  • Tom

    Article says nothing about the perp’s immigration status. How do you know he’s an illegal immigrant? Can anyone show evidence or data that the violent crime rate among illegal immigrants is higher than the population as a whole? I’d like to see such data, if it’s available.

    • Henry Rearden

      There are lies, darned lies and statistics. I’m sure people could spin the data either way to support the argument

      • Richard

        That’s the standard argument of those who have no leg to stand on.

    • Ming the Merciless

      Short answer to his immigration status: who cares.

      Waving the magic papers to “legalize” him is not going to make him a useful, productive citizen.

      The data on immigrant crime is out there, if you’re willing to look for it. But the short answer is, again, who cares.

      Every single immigrant crime is the totally unnecessary and preventable product of government negligence.

    • susie

      Really, Tom? Are you not aware that Fairfax County is a sanctuary city?! Can you show evidence that illegal immigrants (who are criminals by definition) do NOT commit more crime? The fact that they had no regard for our laws to get here says a lot about their mindset and propensity to break other laws.

    • meh

      Prince William County Va passed laws to crack down on illegal immigrants and guess what happened…


      • susie

        When I was a teacher in FCPS as PW county was cracking down on illegals, a principal I highly respected predicted that they would all move to Fairfax “like cockroaches”. He was right.

        On another note, as long as Gerry Connelly remains in power, this situation will only get worse.

        • Papadon

          Pretty awesome that you used to work with children.

          You sound nice.

          • Opie

            yeah, it’s nice when the faculty refer to the students and their families as cockroaches. I’m so glad I was born on the wight side of the fence too, with all it’s privileges. I take them for granted, but the heck, that half the fun of being privileged 🙂

          • susie

            Hey Opie,

            Unlike you, I don’t feel guilty for living in the United States – I feel proud. And I do not want to see it destroyed by people who don’t understand or appreciate what makes this country so great.

            I could go on about all the hard work I put in working with these children (what have you done for them?) but I have no respect for their parents who knowingly and purposefully broke our laws to steal public services meant for legal tax paying citizens.

            And rereading your post – you seem to struggle with the English language. Perhaps you’re a cockroach?

    • Virginia Harlow

      It’s well hidden. Get Adios America at your local library. Half the book is reference to sources that the media and government don’t want known. Immigration is so broken amiritorium should be done immediately.

    • Grandpa Jack

      When people say that the desert is lifeless, it just makes me want to grab them
      by the collar and yell, “Why you stupid, stupid bastard!” Then I drive them
      out into the desert to where the circus is, and point out the many forms of
      zebra and clown life.

  • Mike M

    Ay Caramba!

    Tis reassuring to have this sick predator off the streets.

  • KIKI

    Is he illegal?


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