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Poll: Have Breakdowns Caused You to Break With Metro?

by Karen Goff October 16, 2015 at 4:30 pm 6 Comments

Thursday morning Metrotrain offloading at Arlington Cemetery/Credit: Katie Watson via TwitterOffloading. Trains out of service. Delays. Complaints about the Wiehle-Reston East Kiss-and-Ride.

Just another morning on Metro these days. Fifteen months after the Silver Line opened in Reston, it seems many daily commuters have joined the chorus all over the DC area bemoaning the many rail service issues.

There has been no shortage of headlines lately about problems with the Metrorail system, not to mention real-time tweets of frustration during rush hour. A Metro riders union has also recently formed.

Metro says it’s trying to catch up, but even the maintenance is causing problems. This weekend alone, “reconstruction of the Metrorail system” will result in “service adjustments” on every line other than the Green Line. The Orange, Silver, Blue, Yellow and Red lines will all see 24 minute lags between trains.

Metro acknowledged last week that service breakdowns may be responsible for steadily decreasing ridership.

The rail system also announced Thursday it has formed Amplify, a “customer community” where riders can share opinions and help shape the direction of Metro, WMATA said in a statement.

Are you sticking with Metro or are you driving to work more often this year as a result of less reliable service? Take our poll and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: August Metro offloading at Arlington Cemetery/Credit: Katie Watson via Twitter

  • Bitemore Gfotwo

    I’m retired, so I do not need to use the Metro unless I want to. I eagerly awaited the completion of the Silver Line, because I love to visit DC, and the Silver Line would have made it very convenient. But, before I had a chance to make my first trip, the problems began. And just do not seem to end. So, DC will have to wait, because I have no plans to rush onto the Metro until I am satisfied that the problems have been addressed and solved. Infrastructure is always the last thing on a politician’s to-do list, but this one is unforgivable. Whoever or whatever is behind the miserable maintenance issues, they need to be fired, and right this minute! Surely, there is someone out there whose love affair with the 1% and all its perks won’t interfere with doing an honest day’s work… isn’t there? Or am I simply naive? A train needs passengers to justify its existence… and it looks like the Silver Line is about to become the unwanted stepchild of the entire Metro system, all because of gross incompetence and greed. Nice statement, that. It’s bound to make someone happy. But… not me.

  • krank

    I wish I could stop taking Metro but the drive in to D.C. would be far worse day-to-day than the problems with Metro. Alternatively I am just looking for a new job closer to home instead. Sigh.

  • Restonite

    I don’t commute by Metro, but I do take it on the weekends to get downtown. It seems EVERY weekend there’s track maintenance on Silver, which makes a 45-min. trip take an hour and a half. That’s unacceptable!! The cost is too high to have a trip that long. Metro’s cost should be low enough to encourage increased ridership, but it’s not. The high cost plus the continual problems DISCOURAGE people from riding for reasons other than work. It’s super unfortunate.

  • Melissa

    I don’t exactly have a choice. Driving isn’t a reasonable option for me to get to work. That being said, I am incredibly frustrated with Metro due to the serious delays and inconsistency in service. The Riders Union is working towards getting refunds for bad service, which I would love to see (as a starting measure by Metro). There needs to be improved leadership, a smaller board, and dedicated funding for the federal government and jurisdictions that use the system (DC, VA, MD).

    Also, there is a serious design flaw a Reston Station when it comes to pick ups/ drop offs. People and shuttle buses just park where ever they please. On several occasions, I have turned right out of the garage and nearly rear-ended a car that stopped in the middle of the road to pick someone up. There needs to be parking enforcement there to discourage that.

  • taylor13

    I stopped taking metro, in favor of driving (SOV) on Reston Pkwy and I-66. I now make it to work on time (almost always), and am saving money! Drawback = hurting the earth 🙁 Sorry earth.

  • dboileau

    I cannot count the times I have been late when driving to meeting whether across the county or to DC. Do we blame the Highway system. An accident on Hunter Mill makes me blame the driver,not VDOT. Let’s get real–perfection is not with Metro or the Roads….


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