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Police: No Evidence Silver Line Has Increased Crime

by Karen Goff October 29, 2015 at 10:00 am 40 Comments

First Silver Line train at Wiehle-Reston East/Credit: Mike HeffnerFairfax County Police say there is no evidence that an increase in the number of robberies in the Reston area this year is due to the opening of Metro’s Silver Line in Reston 15 months ago.

Last week, Capt. Ron Manzo, commander of the Reston District Station, told Reston Association’s Board of Directors that there had been a 100-percent increase in robberies compared to this point in 2014. The number has increased from 16 to 32.

Several Reston Now readers commented both on the article and on Reston Now’s Facebook page that Metro must be the reason for the increase.

Katy DeFoe, the Reston District Station’s Crime Prevention Specialist, said none of the robberies Capt. Manzo spoke about happened within a quarter-mile of Wiehle-Reston East. There was a robbery nearby on Roger Bacon Drive on Oct. 24, however.

DeFoe says the number of robberies includes nine commercial/bank robberies, including two bank robberies in the last two weeks. Neither bank was in the immediate vicinity of Wiehle-Reston East.

Of the 32 robberies, there have been seven arrests. All suspects arrested had a local (Fairfax County) address, said DeFoe.

DeFoe credits the rise in the number of robberies to a rise in reporting of crimes.

“I am not sure the number of incidents has gone up,” she said. “It is just being reported more. We have done a lot of work to get people to report to us.”

Overall crime is down 3 percent in the Reston District, said DeFoe.

Fairfax County Police Chief Ed Roessler told Reston Now in 2014 that combining an increased population with urban-style gathering spots does increase the chances for crime. But it doesn’t mean it has to increase actual crime rates — especially as Wiehle-Reston East stands now, where there is currently little development right at the Metro station.

  • Fact_Checker

    It has nothing to do with the Metro. The people that use Metro to rob and steal before returning Maryland prefer to get off at the Tysons stops. The rise in robberies in Reston is directly related to Section 8 housing in South Reston. The more you give away, the more people expect, to the point that they think it’s ok to just take.

    • Reston Realist

      Well, Fact Checker, you are a little weak on the facts.

      There are only 5 housing developments in Reston that explicitly provide “Section 8” housing. Two of these are the “Fellowship” houses–a source of extreme criminal mayhem (she says facetiously)–one at Lake Anne, the other at Hunters Woods. Three are in “central” Reston (between the DTR & Baron Cameron): Cedar Ridge, Crescent Apts., and Island Walk. Only Stonegate is in “South Reston.” In addition, the County and several local non-profits have Section 8 units spread throughout our community. Who knows, you may actually live next door to someone in “Section 8” housing!

      Just some facts. Try your own Google search. Your results may vary. NTL, facts are facts and not pre-conceived prejudices, largely racial in nature. And BTW, where should these lower income people live in a community premised on providing housing for people of all ages, races, and incomes???

      • Fact_Checker

        OK – those are good points, but if you really want to prove me wrong, go walk the Hunters Woods trail one hour past sunset, unarmed, and let me know how that goes.

        • Chuck Morningwood

          Yeah, and don’t forget to tuck a hundred dollar bill behind your ear for some extra luvin.

        • PUNCHBOX

          Ive taken that path several times. Theres a wooded area to the left of the community center there and a path that wanders over the stream – if you know the area – youll know where Im talking about. I walk alone (female) and I even took my nephew to catch lightning bugs one evening. didn’t see very many people but the one person I did, dared to say hello to me and I them.

          On the other side of the shopping center there are a couple tunnels that go under colts neck and glade and I have also hung out there recording the acoustic sounds that reverberate in the tunnels. also – I was there by myself. couple of people stopped to check out what I was doing and chat about it.

          • Dodge

            That sounds horrific

      • Doomed

        There are 5 Section 8 housing developments in Reston!! Oh wow, that is way more then I thought. No wonder crime is up 100%!!. We’re all doomed!

        • trump

          If ya’ll keep voting for Ken Plum, he’s just going to keep giving Reston away.

        • Jason Rub

          Karen, what about this one?

          • Karen Goff

            First of all, this comment is being sarcastic. Second of all, it is not violating our terms of service, which would include name calling, bullying, etc

          • Jason Rub

            OK Doomed’s comment is sarcasm, what about Fact_Checker’s comment? Or did you mean both? Are they particularly known on here for sarcasm? And if not and their sentiment is to be taken at face value, doesn’t it kind of count as at least a discriminatory remark? What if someone who lives in Section 8 housing were to read that? Genuinely curious. I know you’ve said before we’d cringe to see what comments DON’T get approved to go up.

          • Karen Goff

            I meant Doomed’s comment. Here is a primer on what you are asking about re” Fact Checker’s comment: Saying “crime is directly related to section 8 housing” is ok (albeit not backed up by facts) because he is calling out “section 8 housing.” He is not picking on an individual person or even “people” who live in Section 8 housing” or a racial class. See the difference? I really have to get back to work now. Thanks for reading.

          • Jason Rub

            Thanks for splitting the hairs for me!

          • Mike M

            So, Jason, if you don’t like the opinion that subsidized housing brings bad things to a community, censor the notion? It’s been going on.

    • Jason Rub

      Hey Karen, do explicitly classist and offensive comments like this one not go against the website’s community guidelines?

      • Karen Goff

        No, actually. the above comment about Section 8 housing does not violate our guidelines. While you may not agree with what they are saying and what they are saying may not be true, there is nothing wrong with this comment. Calling someone a racial slur, threatening them, bullying, picking on children will get you deleted. Vague explanations of your own theory on how poverty leads to crime is allowed.

        • Jason Rub

          OK thanks for clearing that up!

      • Mike M

        Jason, I heard you will dress as Karl Marx this Halloween. True? You really want people who disagree with you censored?

        • Jason Rub

          Actually I’m going as Big Liz from The Kroll Show, thanks for asking! Not calling for censorship, just clarification.

          • Mike M

            “Clarification” everybody.

      • Awwwww

        Classism makes widdle Jason whimper and clutch his blankie and teddy…

      • police

        Section 8 = Crime.

        • Karen Goff

          Still not completely true. Reston has always had low income housing. And the amount of crime — even with a doubling of robberies — that has always been here is actually quite small considering the amount of people who live here. Also, overall crime is down 3 percent, as noted by the police in the story.

          • Tom

            Well said Karen. I grew up in a town in Maine with just 20,000 people and we had more crime than Reston, which I bet has lower than average crime for a city its size.

        • Bob


  • cRAzy

    Just wait until they put in those bike sharing stations. Then crime will skyrocket in Reston.

    • Dodge

      Why would renting a bike with a credit card increase your desire to commit a crime? Bikes are easy to come by as it is. Having access to a 20lb bike won’t change that.

  • meh

    drug addicts are robbing & stealing to buy more drugs. Taking metro is a major buzz kill, by the time they made it back to their home station they would be sober. Even addicts would break out of that horrible cycle and learn to steal bicycles and golf carts to get home.

    • Cathie Gorman Freeman

      They couldn’t take Metro anyway. It’s costs way too much. $5-6. That’s a lot for a ride.

  • Reston Realist

    Unless she has facts to support her claim that the extra robberies are an illusion of extra reporting, DeFoe shouldn’t make such a comment. The number of robberies has gone up, yet it remains small for a community of 60,000 people. But it really doesn’t have anything to do with Metro; that’s just fear mongering.

  • Karen Goff

    As reminder, and since someone was asking, here are our community guidelines https://www.restonnow.com/terms-and-policies/

  • Jason Rub

    “Genuine Africans” everybody

    • Mike M

      As in people FROM Africa.The PC crowd here would be compelled to say African-Africans.

      • Jason Rub

        No, the PC crowd here would be compelled to say Kenyans, Nigerians, Zimbabweans, and so forth, because, ya know, Africa as a continent has roughly 3 times the land mass that the United States does and 54 discrete nations, to say nothing of the multitudes of discrete peoples within those borders.

    • Scott H

      Dude. Put your PC, micro-aggression crack pipe down.
      You do NOT have the right to not be offended. You might even be exposed to something you don’t like in life…GASP!
      Build a bridge and get over it!

      It’s kind of like when sane people turn on the network news. We’re offended at the stupidity and the bias. We shake our heads, turn it off and people cry about decreasing viewership.

  • ( ! )

    What is the ROI on using metro to commit crime outside of your AOR.

    I submit that most crimes that would involve a metro trip would be well planned, well thought out Ocean’s 11 type heists. Your common thief would not go to all the trouble to take metro. Unless you add Grand Theft Auto in there as well so you can get your loot home.

    Maybe one would ride the metro to commit a murder or sex crime, but then you have to factor in your riding the metro home after committing said violent crime and can not guarantee that your appearance won’t incriminate you.

    So, discounting premeditated crimes where Metro is an integral part of your plan. That leaves crimes of opportunity. You have taken the Metro to lovely Reston, and you see a bike that you must absolutely steal. I don’t think this is happening, why? People outside of Reston don’t really know squat about Reston. What is the drawl to get on the Metro and come to Reston of all places. The Ice Rink. I think not. Let’s face it, if you don’t work or live near Reston, you are not coming to Reston. Reston pretty much sucks, and not really worth a visit from the outside world.

    • Police_Scanner_Listner

      Right, nobody is using the Metro to come to Reston to commit crime. They are riding the Metro to Tysons to steal designer jeans and shoes from the malls.

      • Cathie Gorman Freeman

        Obviously stealing those things to wear to the next AARP Meeting.

  • South

    Living in a nice, middle class townhouse community in South Reston, I’m so tired of the comments about South Reston. Read today’s police report. Robbery by a Sterling woman that took place in North Reston. Neither the robber nor the robbery had anything to do with South Reston. And almost all the other Reston crime listed took place in North Reston. Crime is not limited to just Hunter Woods.

  • KIKI

    The metro always increases crime. That is why the fairfax county police want a police station in Tysons.


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