Reston, VA

Reston Farmers Market

Summer’s bounty may be gone (so long, strawberries and tomatoes), but a good number of vendors from the Reston Farmers Market and craft market will remain on site Saturdays through Dec. 19.

So put Lake Anne down as a place to get Thanksgiving goodies, holiday gifts and other stuff of the season.

Here is who will be at the fall market, which will run through Dec. 19:

  • Del Sur Baked Goods
  • Dimitri Olive Farms
  • Valentine’s Country Bakery & Meats
  • The Farm at Sunnyside
  • Penn Farm
  • Reid’s Orchard-
  • Back to the Basiks
  • Uncle Fred’s BBQ
  • Glasscock Orchard
  • Grace’s Pastries
  • Baguette Republic
  • Smith Family Farms
  • Chesley Vegetable Farms
  • Joie de Vivre Fine Food
  • Oh Pickles
  • Lake Anne Market (empanadas, tacos)
  • Arnest Seafood
  • Chef Eloy Kickin Salsas
  • Cavanna Pasta
  • Loudon’s Breezy Meadow Farm
  • Kiwi Kuisine
  • Monument Coffee Roasters
  • 100 Bowls of Soup

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