Poll: Are Potential Six-Month Shutdowns Metro’s Last Straw?

by Karen Goff March 31, 2016 at 2:00 pm 11 Comments

Metro SIlver Line Map/Credit: MetroDelays. Fires. Offloading. A 29-hour shutdown to do repairs.

Just a typical week in the life of Washington’s Metrorail system. And now this: Metro’s top officials said on Wednesday that the transit system is in such need of repair that they might shut down entire rail lines for as long as six months for maintenance.

While Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld has not said which lines will need to be closed for repair — or for how long — he did say he was considering such lengthy closures. He said he expected to have more information within a month to six weeks.

This is less than two years since Reston’s Silver Line station opened. Rail to Reston was supposed to transform — and is still aimed at transforming — Reston into a transit-oriented community, with about a dozen residential and mixed-use projects in the pipeline built close to Wiehle-Reston East and the future Reston Town Center Metro stop (slated to open in 2020).

But it seems Silver Line riders here have not been impressed thus far. Long waits for trains, the universal Metro snafus, the expense of riding and parking and a confusing parking garage system in Reston have led to myriad complaints.

Is this the last straw for you? Are you sticking with Metro or re-evaluating your transportation options?

  • JoAnne Norton

    I started a petition. More is at stake with our Metro than subways in other cities. Washington is the seat of the governement, What if we had to get the population our of Washington DC in a hurry? The Federal Government should fund our Metro or contribute more to it.

    • meh

      So you want to raise taxes to pay for it? Good luck with that

      • Why do you bother?

        You can’t have it both ways. Serious money has to be sunk into Metro.

        • Guest

          Not mine, but your is OK!

        • vdiv

          Serious tax money has already been sunk into the Metro, maybe that’s part of the problem, free money and no accountability. The other part is using the extremely expensive urban metro as a suburban long distance transit instead of expanding the much more cost-effective VRE and MARC.

    • Robert Mowbray

      Does any other subway system depend upon 4 counties (in two states) and a city for its funding. A recipe for disaster.

  • Why do you bother?

    I was over this sad excuse for a transportation system before the announcement. My current job search includes only places to which I can drive.

  • Guest

    As long as I have lived in the Washington metro area, I have seldom been able to use Metro as a means of commuting transportation. Because if its regional hub-and-spokes configuration focused on downtown D.C., I have always relied upon private automobiles to get me where I need to go for work, shopping and pleasure. The exception is usually when relatives and friends make a weekend visit and want go downtown to the Mall. I am glad that I have not had to put up with the increasingly difficult day to day hassles that other commuters must endure.

  • Alternative options

    I can’t drive because of an ocular condition, and depend on the metro for my livelihood. I have a job downtown DC. This talk is really scaring me.

  • mapchick

    I also am job searching and have limited my radius to 10 miles of Reston. I would have given up on the Metro a long time ago if it weren’t for the subsidy for federal employees. That might be the only thing that keeps riders on it after this latest potential downfall.

    • Why do you bother?

      I spent the past three months commuting to DC on Metro. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of trips that went as they were supposed to, with no “holds” or delays.

      I’m so done.


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