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What’s on Reston’s ‘Blueprint for the Future?’

by Karen Goff April 7, 2016 at 2:45 pm 1 Comment

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy HudginsHunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins has scheduled a community open house titled “Reston…Blueprint for the Future,” for April 20.

Hudgins’ office says “the Open House will provide an opportunity for the Reston community to gather information on proposed, planned and anticipated development activity within the Transit Station Areas.”

“In addition, Fairfax County Government agencies will also present other area projects at this event,” Hudgins’ office says. “The overall goal is for property owners and/or developers to share with the community a comprehensive vision of what is being considered for the future of Reston.”

A request for more information has not been returned, so no word if the blueprint includes any information about a new redevelopment plan for the Lake Anne area.

After years of meetings, Republic Land Development’s plan for the Fairfax County-owned Crescent Apartments was approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in March 2015. Republic pulled out of the deal at the end of 2015.

It is anticipated that the county will open up another Request for Proposals or formulate a new vision for redevelopment in the area, but nothing has been announced yet.

The open house is at South Lakes High School, 11400 South Lakes Drive, in the cafeteria, from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins/File photo

  • Terry Maynard

    As noted in this article, the announcement from Supervisor Hudgins’ office offered little insight into what residents might expect to see and hear at this open house. We at Reston 20/20 are particularly concerned about what the County’s plans are to provide the necessary infrastructure for the station areas as their population and workforce grow. Here is an excerpt of an e-mail we sent in response dealing with this issue:

    “Beyond developers’ current plans, there certainly are a lot of topics that could be addressed in just these two and one-half hours. These include the County’s current PPP planning for Town Center North and the need for massive investment in Reston transportation (RNAG is a start, but doesn’t cover bus transit), schools, parks, regional recreation center, police/fire/emergency services, and, of course, the long overdue new Reston Regional Library, among other topics, to accommodate Reston’s future population and job growth.

    “According to FCDOT’s assessment of the “potential” GSF/DU growth in the station
    areas alone for RNAG, and using DPZ’s planning factors for jobs and residents, Reston could see more than 55,000 added residents (plus 117,000 new jobs) there over the next 40 years in 27,900 new dwelling units. Redevelopment in the rest of Reston, including Lake Anne Village Center and Tall Oaks Village Center among other places such as Saint Johns Woods, will add to that growth in both population and jobs. That does require a lot of planning.”

    We strongly encourage all Restonians to attend this open house and ask questions about how the County plans to add these tremendous amounts of population and jobs without diminishing our quality of life–and preferably improving it.


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