Say What? The Mysterious Skywriting Over Reston Monday

by Karen Goff May 16, 2016 at 4:00 pm 4 Comments

Writing over Reston on May 16/Credit: Modern Reston

Several Reston Now readers contacted us and took to Facebook and Twitter Monday afternoon when this skywriting was seen in the sky.

It appears to say “Denynia.”

Several readers directed us to the National Association of Airline Pilots, based in Herndon. The NAIP is organizing a “Deny NAI” campaign, according to its website.

On April 15, the Department of Transportation (DOT) tentatively approved Norwegian Air International’s (NAI) request for a foreign air carrier permit to allow it to operate flights to the United States.

NAI’s business plan is designed to avoid Norwegian labor, tax and regulatory laws. It is inconsistent with the intent of the US-EU Air Transport Agreement and, if allowed to be implemented in the trans-Atlantic market, would put U.S. airlines and aviation workers at a tremendous disadvantage as they compete in the international marketplace–two reasons the Obama Administration should immediately reverse this decision.

Nonetheless, there may be a typo high in the sky.

Top photo courtesy Modern Reston

  • Mike M

    Note to self: Install editing feature on tailpipe.

  • Dentro

    I’m no skywriting pilot but this looks like a pretty cruddy job, even beyond the misplaced/missing space. I bet the Norwegians would’ve done better.

  • Chris Bryant

    It wasn’t a typo, just bad reporting and pictures taken too late. It wasn’t an “I” it was a #

  • surfish

    Twitter is smaller, but bigger in a way.


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