Coming Soon: Coffee at Reston Station

by Karen Goff July 7, 2016 at 10:00 am 25 Comments

BLVD Construction1Reston Station is getting a coffee house — one that will look familiar to, well, everyone.

Starbucks has signed a lease to take over newly built-out space on the plaza level of the BLVD apartments, says a Comstock spokeswoman. An exact opening date has not been announced.

Comstock is the developer behind BLVD, which began leasing earlier this year, as well as the rest of the mixed-use development adjacent to the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station.

Also coming soon to Reston Station (and previously reported): Founding Farmers restaurant. Meanwhile, pop-up shops at Reston Station’s Urban Pop (the little glass booths on the plaza) will continue to operate.

In case you are counting, the addition of Reston Station will make seven Starbucks stores in Reston (Reston Station, Fox Mill, South Lakes, Plaza America, Reston Town Center, Spectrum, and North Point).

Want to drink local? The revamped Lake Anne Coffee House is expected to re-open under new ownership in the next few months.

  • Arielle in NoVA

    Another Starbucks in/near Reston? Wow, how original. Isn’t there also a Starbucks inside the Target that’s just down the street from this new one, and also one inside the Safeway opposite the Herndon K-mart?

    • vdiv

      If you think there are too many try visiting one in the morning. 🙂

  • cosmo

    Don’t forget the Starbucks that are inside the Target and the Hunters Woods Safeway.

    • Karen Goff

      Actually I DID forget those. So technically, if we are counting those, nine starbucks 🙂

  • June Smith

    A new – non-Starbucks – coffee house will be opening soon in Old Reston (Lake Anne) … with easy access and free parking. Rick and Eve Thompson purchased and are renovating the Lake Anne Coffee House.

    Many of us are excited about – and looking forward to the grand opening where we can enjoy fresh roasted coffee in an indoor/outdoor cafe setting – under the trees … away from the concrete jungle that Reston is becoming.

    • Scott H

      Did you just refer to Lake Anne as not being a “concrete jungle”. It is the original brutalist-style ugly concrete everything. Even the lake is concrete.

      • June Smith

        Compared to the Reston Metro Station, Lake Anne is a treed wonderland

      • JC

        I happen to love the brutalist style. i hope that Reston maintains some of that flavor in all these changes.

        Also really hoping that the Lake Anne Coffee Shop will offer some decent tea selections.

    • Greg

      Oh, the irony. Brutalist irony.

  • Welcome to the cloud

    Rumour has it all reston starbucks will be consolidated via one giant coffee pot infrastructure and coffee will be brewed and piped to the affiliates. Some goes for latte and the community cow with 15000 nipples.

  • LakeNewportLady

    The Lake Anne Coffee House seems to be taking forever….every time we walk by nothing seems to be going on.

    • Karen Goff

      It’s deep in renovations. It is just taking a while.

    • June Smith

      The Lake Anne Coffee House is a Family Run – Mom & Pop Cafe …. not an international conglomerate with 2014 revenue of 16.45 billion U.S. dollars.

      • Nyla J.

        Doesn’t one of the owners of this establishment sit on the RA board? The same board making questionable decisions with my money?

        • June Smith

          Why would that make a difference? Are you implying that a person who sits on the RA Board is not entitled to own a private business in Reston? I can understand the conflict if the business were to bid on RA contracts … but this is private business that has nothing to do with RA

          • Nyla J.

            I’m not implying anything. I’m very clearly saying that I’m not going to give a dollar to an establishment owned by a person I feel is not looking out for my best interests as an RA board member. I’ll make my own cup of joe, thank you.

          • June Smith

            That is your choice

          • Greg

            This, conflict, perhaps?

            Board Motion: Move to enter into a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) with Lake Anne Development
            Partners LLC, in advance of a future definitive agreement for the Reston Association Board’s
            consideration and approval, to exchange land and allow a parcel of Reston Association property to be
            included with zoning entitlement applications to Fairfax County for the redevelopment and revitalization
            of Lake Anne Village Center and the Crescent property.

            Stacy C. Hornstein
            Ken Knueven
            Eve Thompson

          • June Smith

            Not applicable

          • Greg


          • Wolfytoo

            should not be making decisions which will financially benefit him or her….yes, Nyla is absolutely correct….

  • Chuck Morningwood

    Lovely. More sticky, sweet, piping hot drinks carried by half-asleep commuters on the Metro.

    Considering the confined environment of the train, let’s hope that the hot caffeine doesn’t have a quick laxative effect.

  • RunDMC

    Damn. That would have been an amazing location for an independent roaster, and this is absolutely going to kill the business of the pop-ups that serve food and drinks.

    • Wuayra Peruvian Silver Jewelry

      Actually this may be an enhancement. The current food vendors are distinct in their culture and flavors. Given the amount of relaxed outdoor seating at Reston Station, I foresee many getting a wonderful Bolivian empanada from Casero Creations, or a fresh danish from Valley View Bakery and enjoying a cup of Starbucks Coffee to complement each. Think of your coffee stop as being a one two punch of flavors. Then visit the retailers on the plaza to peruse the phenomenal and hard-to-find books at Scrawl Books or get a haircut at Citizen Frederick. For those that don’t want coffee, visit Pearl Fine Teas while you get an handcrafted ice cream for the kids at Scoop and Paddle. If you want an adult beverage, sip a glass of wine at Paradise Springs Winery. And if you have time, visit us at Wuayra Peruvian Silver Jewelry to shop handmade sterling silver jewelry by Peruvian artisans. All of these are your #shoplocal choices at Reston Station.

  • Wolfytoo

    more overpriced coffee for the masses…..where is a good coffee shop and bakery like Paul???!!! No got be found in Reston….


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