Metro: Surge No. 2 Has Fixed Important Silver Line Spot

by Karen Goff July 7, 2016 at 2:45 pm 8 Comments

Map of Silver Line/Credit: MetroThe critical junction where Metro’s Orange and Blue/Silver Line diverge is now in state of good repair, says Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld.

Weidefeld on Wednesday released the final production report for the second SafeTrack surge. He said that all planned work had been completed during the 16-day project.

“I am satisfied that we are accomplishing our objectives with respect to the pace of track work progress in Surge No. 2,” Wiedefeld said in a statement. “Our continued success depends upon Metro customers heeding the warnings about reduced service during SafeTrack surges and finding alternate ways to commute. I am optimistic as we get underway now with Surge No. 3.”

During Surge No. 2, crews repaired and/or replaced critical rail infrastructure affecting train speeds and ride quality. Metro says critical tasks accomplished during the surge include:

  • Replacement of four major switches at D&G junction, one of a handful of key locations where trains are routed to different lines
  • Replacement of over 500 wooden crossties
  • Renewal of over 230 third-rail insulators
  • Elimination of over 20 rail joints
  • Renewal of over 2,000 linear feet of grout pads
  • Renewal of 12 signals
  • Inspection and repair of over 180 power cables

For a complete status update on Surge 2 progress, visit Metro’s website.

SafeTrack is an accelerated track work plan to address safety recommendations and rehabilitate the Metro system and address critical safety issues.

Metro is rotating closings of sections of the system in order to complete three year’s of maintenance in about 10 months. There will be 15 safety surges overall.

Surge No. 3 began on Tuesday, July 5 and includes a complete rail shutdown between National Airport and Braddock Road, impacting Yellow and Blue Line riders. All Metro customers traveling to/from DC must use shuttle buses between Braddock Rd and Pentagon City during the project. Southbound customers should exit at Pentagon City for a bus shuttle.

Surge No. 5, which begins July 20, will again significantly impact Reston-area Silver Line riders.

  • RunDMC

    1) yay, looking forward to the reduced risk of catching on fire
    2) didn’t they JUST BUILD THIS?

    • Rich_C

      It’s not part of the new tracks. It’s the part on the end in Maryland which used to be just Blue but now is considered Blue/Silver.

      • RunDMC

        O_O…. wow… I had a serious brain fart there for a minute… let’s pretend I never said that 🙂

  • Greg

    Will all/any of these surges lead to resuming automatic train control?

  • Greg

    Also, how do they finish more than 100% of the work?

    • Why do you bother?

      There was work not completed from Surge 1.

  • Why do you bother?

    It is horrifying that there was a major problem on a line that was opened a minute and a half ago. WTH???

  • M

    It’s great they accomplished so much, but I would not say all the problems have been fixed. WaPo is reporting that, in the week since the repairs were done, trains were delayed during four different periods of time due to track maintenance issues in the same area. It sounds like a lot more work is needed in that area.


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